Monday, April 16, 2007

Peep Show vs Spaced

It's the new Boosh vs. Spaced, dontchaknow. I'm sure this blog over at the Guardian will turn into a great debate.

For me, Peep Show *is* great, and is getting better and better as it gains its heart and becomes less concerned with being edgy. The writing is absolutely brilliant - disconcertingly recognisable in fact - and its interesting that while the inner monologues are so honest, the characters are a bit caricature -ish: the difference between what we think and what we portray taken to the extreme, I guess.

But it has nothing on Spaced. It's probably the show I have seen most often, and yet I still find something new every time I watch it - literally every time. I still laugh out loud, the characters are so wonderfully wierd, (and yet wonderfully mundane too), it looks so great, I care so much, it's so very uplifting... and it's just so hard to beat.


Robert Henry Jackman said...

Hello - just found your blog linked from Guardian Arts.

You're a fantastic writer, with impeccable taste.

I'd say Peep Show has the edge on Spaced. Reasons? Evidence? Try the gaybar/jury episode (3.5) - aboslutely marvellous. And you should try Fifteen Storeys High - it's just as dementedly funny.

I've written short reviews of Peep Show (series four), Life On Mars (series two) and Doctor Who (series twenty-nine) on my blog - let me know what you think.

Thank youuu :)


AnnaWaits said...

First, thank you kindly!

The jury episode is great, I've got to agree, as is the one with the racist friend... but I'm still with Spaced :) I've heard great things about 15 Storeys High, and I'm a fan of Sean Lock, so I definitely need to have a look sometime.

But before that, I'll look at your blog! Anna

Dean said...

Ahh Spaced. I own both series on DVD, so confident was I, given the description, that I would love it - I just bought it on spec. It seemed like a program made for people like me: somewhat geeky sci-fi fans that love off-beat comedy.

But I just didn't get it.

Still don't really know why, it just never really made me laugh...

AnnaWaits said...

Well you're wrong.


northernlight said...

Spaced is so much better than Peep Show. It has not dated, they quit while they were ahead after a couple of series, before it became tired.
There are so many jokes in Spaced that you might not get first time round, but every episode was hilarious.

Interval Drinks said...

Hello Anna, Glad you liked IntervalDrinks. Just been reading your blog and like that you include a lot of theatre reviews, it's a nice balance.

Actually, I co-edit an arts and music site ( and we're always looking for not-in-London people who can write well to contribute to the theatre section. Do get in touch at if you're interested in maybe doing the odd review for us.



Paul Fuzz said...

Despite the 'mad love' most of my friends have for 'Peep Show', I've gotta say I'd not enjoyed a single episode...until Friday's, which I thought was pretty good, mainly 'cos it had a decent gag rate and it didn't feel like it was trying too hard. That said, 'Spaced' still gets my vote, though I can't say I've ever thought it 'hilarious...'smart, sweet, hip, well observed, warm, funny, druggy, yadda yadda, but I don't think hilarious...

...though this is all moot; The Mighty Boosh stomps all over the both of 'em with silver cowboy boots...Spaced was a really great show, I'm happy to believe that Peep Show is great too, but at it's best The Mighty Boosh is in a different league entirely.

AnnaWaits said...

It's pretty special, that's for sure :)