Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A message from Ben Folds (and "the suits"!)

For a wordsmith, he can be damn inarticulate at times. I'm still not sure what he's going on about here, but it sounds interesting. Plus I haven't mentioned Benny in ages and I heart him muchly. How can you *not* heart this man:

That's the coolest picture you ever saw, don't deny it.

Anyhow, onto the message....

"a message from ben:
i need a vacation. but i hate vacations because i don't know what to do with my time. so i stayed up all last night dialing up friends who play music who also want a vacation and most of them told me to call back when i was sober and not crying.
i'll ring them up again today, but my point is that i'd like to get a lot of talented musical artists together in one holiday moment of glory with possibly a few comedians and have some kind of magical experience ..MAN.
the idea of painting a large bus psychedelic purple, not taking baths for a week and driving around the country jamming out on one chord about the war got shot down quickly. everyone wanted to bring their blackberry's and sing about their record companies, then there was an issue because some of the musical acts wanted corporate sponsorship on the side of the bus etc. we'll get everyone on board.... soon. my people will come up with something and contact their people who will contact your people and we'll make my vacation fantasies come true.

a message from the suits:
we're working hard to make ben's - - and your - - rock and roll dreams come true. while we do, grab a pen and mark your calendar for february 21-25, 2008 to join Ben and friends for a kickass vacation. you can also click here to be among the first to get all of the juicy details."

Yes Ben, whatever you say. You big freak.


Mellie Bean said...

I think it is one of those cruise thingies.

I am awaiting further info.

As to how people can NOT like the Folds, I don't get it either, but it seems a popular pose on the .org *sigh* (one of many reasons I do not play there much anymore).

AnnaWaits said...

Yeah, I know. They like being cranky don't they? Their misanthropy can still make me laugh though!

Mellie Bean said...

The misanthropy stopped being funny to me a while ago, but I hung on for a long time and DO know whereof you speak! ;-)

I prefer the badgers. :-D

AnnaWaits said...

Go Badgers!