Sunday, April 29, 2007

Evolution of the Daleks

Oh what's the point. It was *marginally* better, as Marie says, (Rob doesn't even give it that) but that's hardly high praise. Next week's had better make me feel something, ANYTHING. Well, other than annoyance and boredom as with the last two. And not "boo-hoo, poor Martha, he hasn't fallen in love with you after about a week" either.

EDIT: Ok, what was good:
Martha finally getting to do something by working out how to kill the pigmen

"Just proves it - there's someone out there for everyone"

And the Doctor using his own DNA *should* have been brilliant. But then there's a load of third-Time Lords and he couldn't give a crap. He's annoyed they're killed because he's always annoyed when things get killed, but their Time Lordness didn't really figure.

And that's it. Two things, one of which involved mass murder, and another potential good thing that was wasted. Woohoo!


stu-n said...

Mitch Benn (of Radio 4 Now Show fame) posted a long, entertaining and entirely correct rant about this on the Outpost Gallifrey forum, which I can't repost cos of forum rules but could email to you if you're interested. It's a howl of rage from a man betrayed, I tell you!

AnnaWaits said...

I'm very muchly interested, yes please!

stu-n said...

Sent via your MySpace.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ooh! Oooh! I want to read Mitch Benn too!!!!

AnnaWaits said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That is so utterly right in every single possible way that I'm concerned it's gonna start becoming wrong again. Lisa, it's on it's way.

Stu, I asked this in the reply, but if I can't repost, can I link to it here?

Paul Fuzz said...

My contribution to Doctor Whoapalooza is over at FIFMBBOAC now...good stuff on here recently Anna, the post about the Disney guy is excellent, exactly the sorta thing I like reading round these parts...interesting people talking about interesting subjects.

stu-n said...

I don't think you can, which is why I haven't linked to it myself. OG is a members-only forum, so if you linked to it, you'd probably get a message saying that you didn't have permission to view this post (and it's buried in a 20-plus page thread, anyway). So it's strictly samizdat and under the radar, I'm afraid.

For the record, I did enjoy the episode, because I like Doctor Who and I'll always enjoy the Who-ishness of it. But it had all the faults of Torchwood — clumsy plotting, inconsistency of character, general sloppiness — which I find rather worrying, especially as The Dreaded Chibnall has written an episode for this series too.

AnnaWaits said...

Sloppy is certainly the word. And people keep going on about the Chibnall guy... who is he, and why is he the bringer of Who doom?

stu-n said...

Chris Chibnall is the chief writer on Torchwood, and responsible for all the worst episodes (including Cyberwoman, which was the worst 45 minutes of TV I've ever seen on the BBC). He's also managed to write the worst two episodes of Life on Mars (the Drugs! episode in the first series, and the one where Gene's old mentor turned out to be a criminal mastermind in the second series). Christ knows how he got the job. Christ knows how he's kept it.

He's the writer of the episode called '42' in the current DW — it's the one after next, I think. It's got Michelle Collins in it.

AnnaWaits said...

A rubbish writer and Michelle Collins. What a combination.

Anonymous said...

God, I agree. I hated this ep!
Starting with the bad new york accents most of the actors were breaking their teeth on to the return of the Daleks.
Come ooooon, I dare you RTD to give us a Doctor who series totally dalek-free!

I just spent the duration of the double-parter shouting at the TV. "WHAT? 4 more 'last ones' in the universe??!?!" and "AS IF? They would never mix their blood with humans! That's the whole point of them!"
And it really doesn't make any sense. Even before they go against Dalek-sec, they would never allow this TO BEGIN WITH.

Though, at the time, I thought it's stupid that the "last" Daleks keep popping up every series and that it undermimes the fact that there is only one doctor... little did I know. So that's a point to them, I guess, in a way. :)