Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories

Via Miss Lisa, Troubled Diva has had an AMAZING IDEA! Basically, it's to print a collection of funny posts by British bloggers, and sell it for Comic Relief. Brilliant! Here's all the details....

1. All UK bloggers are invited to select one post from their archives, suitable for inclusion in the book.
2. Because it's Comic Relief, the watchword here is Funny. So I'm looking for posts with a pronounced comedic content.
3. Please e-mail your permalinks to me at Alternatively, you can mail me with a tickled-up version of the original text.
4. The absolute final deadline is 6pm UK time on Wednesday evening (March 14) - but please send your stuff to me as soon as you can, as I’ll be assembling the book on the fly.
5. The book will be published through - a site which specialises in self-publishing, and which doesn't require any upfront costs or pre-planning. Once they have the text, the book is more or less immediately ready to sell.
6. All money raised by sales - ie. minus the fees charged by the website - is donated to Comic Relief. I would expect to raise between 3 and 4 quid per book, as Lulu's charges hover around 4 or 5 quid (depending on page count).

All with me so far? Good. Now, here’s how you can help.

1. By publicising the event on your own blog, and asking your readers to pitch in with contributions. Please link directly to this URL:
2 By contributing to the book itself.
3. By buying the book next Friday.
4. By pimping the book on your own blog, once it goes on sale.

If you’d like to contribute, then please follow these guidelines.
1. Brit bloggers only! You should be currently resident in the UK, or else an ex-pat Brit living abroad. (So, yes, foreign ex-pats in the UK are also welcome to join in.)
2. Please send me ONE POST ONLY. It’s your choice, not mine.
3. Posts should contain TEXT ONLY – we won’t be using pictures.
4. Posts should not include copyrighted material, e.g. song lyrics.
5. Short posts are preferable, i.e. under 1000 words. Absolute top whack maximum is 1500 words, if it's a really really good one.
6. Although a couple of us will be proof-reading, it would greatly assist if you could check and re-edit your posts for grammar/spelling/punctuation before submitting them.
7. When e-mailing, please tell me [Mike] the author name you'd like me to use. I know that many of you like to be anonymous on the web, and that's fine - but as Google doesn't index the printed page, this might be a suitable occasion to use your real name.

So there you go people! I'm gonna search through my archive and see if there's anything funny... hmmm. I'll be buying it even if I don't contribute - and you should too :)
EDIT: Yeah so I can't find anything appropriate. Well that's a little depressing.... hehe.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Me neither - I couldn't find a single self-written funny. Now Marie on the other hand...

And am sure you must have written a sharply scathing bit of commentary..!

Dean said...

Thanks for the heads-up - submitted something - I found the tricksome bit was finding that worked when taken out of context of the blog as a whole. I had some really funny stuff about Warwick Student's Union but doesn't really appeal the country as a whole... eventually managed to track down a piece about weird things in exams and re-wrote the first paragraph to try and put it into context so fingers crossed it was sufficiently interesting/funny!