Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Boosh news...

"To all the people who signed up to our forthcoming all new fizzy website. Thanks you. The site should be online soon, featuring a brand new improved backstage area with podcasts and exclusive photos, artwork, video clips, music, Naboo’s horoscopes, greetings from the maniac Fossil and more.

We are currently writing series 3 from our Boosh headquarters 4 miles under Shoreditch. It’s going well. This time, it’s set in a shop and it involves magic elles, flying teeth and a moccasin called Stephan. We can’t tell you much more than that because we haven’t finished it yet. We start filming in May and it should be on your TV screens later in the year. Perhaps late summer. Or Autumn. Maybe early winter.

As well as the third series we are planning an all new live TV show, a bit like the Boosh but coming from a different direction, complete with live audience to be filmed in Spring 2008 and then we will do a full national tour soon after. It’s take us till now to recover from the last one. So strap in. We’ll let you know all the details through the website so be sure to keep coming back.

Also we’ve been busy winning thing recently. Thanks to readers on NME for voting us Best TV Show. And to all those her voted us winners of the CHORTLE BEST LIVE SHOW award too. We also won a pub quiz in Stoke Newington last week so we’re on a roll.We are not in total reclusion as we write the new series. Naboo is Djing all about town and Bollo is working in Fresh and Wild as a chef. Fossil is in a quarantine cell at Heathrow airport awaiting various injections but should be with us soon.

Love to each and every one of you

Howard and Julian and Vince and Noel"

It came as a rather fab picture email, but the I can't get the picture to be readable AND fit on here, so here's the link.
A live tv show eh? They've always said they want to do a variety, Saturday Night Live type of thing... gotta be good. And it's nice to know that the telly show is still on schedule for the Autumn, twins notwithstanding. Overall, yay.


MIKEY said...


Enjoy anna!

I do not know if you've seen it already... I just found it by complete accident, and recognised a name in the credits. Your name popped into my head instantly

Anonymous said...

hey, i cant wait 4 the boosh series 3 to come out! im a huge fan of their work! and to all of you who fancy noel fielding (vince noir) your gonna be disapointed to find he has a girlfriend and her name is Dee Plume and if you type in noel fielding click on the first 3 searches and it will say he`s in a long term relationship with a girl 4rm the band `robots in disquise` (they were in the boosh programme`series 1 episode 5`) i was shock when i found out!