Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 weeks to go...

Until everything is handed in, and that's pretty much my uni career over, apart from results and graduation (I think I'm safe in saying I *will* graduate with some class of degree or other). So please my lovely people, just bear with me for these two and a half months and then you won't know what's hit you this summer. There'll be blogging aplenty including a definite trip to Edinburgh Fringe. Definite.

In the meantime, Dean's trying to do me out of a job with a series of TV reviews, (as if I ever mention comedy on here! ;) ) starting with Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60, so keep popping over there.

10 weeks, man. Where'd it all go?

P.S. *Of course* I'll be blogging Doctor Who (that waits for NOONE) and my copy of Shaggy Blog Stories came today - woot!


Dean said...

Thanks for the plug - I'm actually going to have to keep writing them now! Hope your last lot of work and exams go well, good luck with getting the marks you want - hopefully I'll be up at the Fringe for a week or so over summer though it's a bit up in the air the moment: to afford it I need a job and if I have a job I likely won't be able to get the time off. So will have to wait and see if I can figure out a way around it!

Good luck with the work, I'll try not to steal too many of your readers!

Mouldy said...

Good luck.

May see you in Edinburgh if we're there at the same time.