Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pic of the Day involving two comedians #2


From last week's Buzzcocks. Remember Preston walks off tonight.


Rullsenberg said...

I just loved that (Preston's faux-chivalry aside) the audience replacement for Preston was capable of showing at least a little more humour!

Great pic by the way!

AnnaWaits said...

It's pretty cool :) And I know, I really can't get with this 'revisionist school' that Preston was just being chivalrous. He was being a surly beggar and everyone knows it. If he was up for a good time but thought Simon had gone too far fair enough (maybe) but he seemed determined to take everything badly right from the very beginning!

Dean said...

I don't get the chivalry arguement *at all*:

Amstell: "Your wife sucks"
Preston: "You sir, have insulted my wife. Hence I shall get up and leave this show, leaving you to continue insulting her with impunity. I shall not stay and attempt to defend her, as that would not be chivalrous."

It's like a deleted scene out of The Holy Grail:
"Come Sir Robin, this man insulted my wife, we must defend her honour!"
"How sire?"
"By running away!"