Friday, February 23, 2007

Doctor Who filming photos!

David and John together! WOOO! (via our man with the news, Mr. Buckley)

BTW can I post one here? It says 'Please do not hot link these photos' but I don't know what that means... While we're waiting...

Oh, and that font of all knowledge, says that David and Sarah Parish will be on Jonathan Ross's radio show tomorrow morning - just to make the best thing on radio even better :)


MediumRob said...

"Do not hotlink" means don't embed the HTML for the images on your own site (ie so that every time your site loads, it nicks the photo off his site).

You can either stick the photos on your own site (which he might object to) or simply point others to his site (which you've already done).

AnnaWaits said...

Cool, I'll just leave it then, thank you :)