Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Productions of 2006

London - Rock 'n' Roll
Sheffield - Assassins

Follow the links for my reviews :) I won't just repeat what I said, but there's been a couple of bits of news relating to these shows recently which might interest.

First, the Czech band featured heavily in Rock 'n' Roll, The Plastic People of the Universe, which scared the Communist government so much by simply not giving a damn, are playing their first ever UK gig at the end of this month in London. They're inspired by the likes of the Velvets, Zappa and Captain Beefheart, so should be loads of fun.

Plus, Sam West has decided to end his tenure at Sheffield Theatres this summer, apparently because the Crucible is undergoing some pretty major refurbishment, and I guess he'd be sat twiddling his thumbs. It seems a shame, because two years really hasn't been enough for him to stamp his authority here, (and we've known about the refurbishment for ages...) but it'll be interesting to see who takes over. (The Stage)

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