Sunday, January 21, 2007

Comedy Shuffle with Rob Rouse

I highly recommend you watch this on Thursday, BBC Three at 11pm - or, right now on the website. Rob Rouse has a chat with Jimmy Carr - who more and more is coming across as a really decent guy with his head screwed on right - and there's three really top class live sets from comedy troupe Dutch Elm Conservatoire, Johann Lipowitz (aka David Armand, the 'Torn' guy from Secret Policeman's Ball, if it helps!) and the charming, brilliant, talented David O'Doherty. Also there's a rather fabulous sketch about a dog and a stick-insect, and even a bit of the old user-generated content, thanks to BBC's Comedy Soup thingy. And Rob Rouse is a perfectly lovely host, by the way - happy and bouncy, somewhat like a golden labrador.

I thought this was going to be really disappointing, cos I was all excited about it... in fact it's really quite good. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

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