Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sam Wollaston out of a job?

Haha well not quite. Matt did a fantastic job of cheering me up this morning by bringing my attention to Sam's blog about coming back off holiday (to Mexico, for three weeks, as he's at pains to RUB IN MY FACE) to find that the profession of television reviewage is under threat.

Actually, he makes a decent point, that water cooler tv does still exist, and that just because the Daily Mail does something - ie get rid of morning-after tv reviews, doesn't mean we all should (quite the opposite in fact). But still, made me smile amid anglo-saxon translations and presentations on Aphra Behn.

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Matt_c said...

...anglo-saxon translations and presentations on Aphra Behn.

Girl, that is hardcore.
You must have needed cheering up.