Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ooh I've gone all Beta

Though it's not beta any more. I want to do the 'customize template' thing like I did over at annawaitsbeta but it says I'll lose some of the changes I've already made... I guess I can cut and paste into Word the template I've got now in case it all goes horribly wrong...?

EDIT: To quote Nathan Barley's Jonatton Yeah? (one of the greatest comic creations of the last ten years): 'Reactions, etc?' I think it looks alright. I wanted it to be the same but different... I'm sure I'll keep tweaking it for a while.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

An you've just nailed why I am still holding off transferring. Just as a query, can you still view comments from old posts (its a bug bear of Haloscan that unless you upgrade once a month is archived the comments disappear...)

I was wondering of Blogger beta still makes sure it hold onto old comments...

In terms of the sidebars, is that just a case ofit automatically combines everything into one?

AnnaWaits said...

For the first, it seems all the old comments are there!

And as for the sidebar, yeah that's exactly it. You don't alter the sidebar in the html editor anymore, but in the new drag+drop elements editor, so it's not just a question of popping each heading in.

It all seems pretty easy though!

Torchwolf said...

Just a quick warning... if you want to backup or fiddle with your theme, probably better to use Notepad, not Word.

Word puts all kinds of invisible info in the text that might play havoc with html.