Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Insignificant and Proud!

The lovely Lisa has nominated me for an Insignificant Award, and very grateful I am too! Thanks!

The Insignificant Awards is the world's most unheard of blog competition. It's a place for the undiscovered to be discovered.As the annual weblog popularity competitions begin once more, we at The Insignificant Headquarters wish to praise, encourage and salute the unknown blogs that sit in the unrewarded wilderness. Those blogs that will never be voted for by the masses. Those bloggers who will never be nominated for anything (but should be).

Clare, EineKleineRob, Marie have all got nods too :) Me? Well I thought I'd avoid blatant nepotism, so I'll go for the blog which I've followed from the moment I started blogging, MediumRob's The Medium Is Not Enough. There's a chance it'll be disregarded for not being insignificant enough, but I'm proud to nominate it.

1 comment:

MediumRob said...

No, no. It really is insignificant. Thanks very much! You're most kind!