Thursday, December 28, 2006

Big Fat Quiz Of The Year


Anyone see it? Anyone see Noel being AMAZING and after a wary first 20 minutes absolutely kicking ass in what's a totally unfamiliar situation for him? Anyone see Russell Brand being REALLY funny? Anyone see Rob Brydon, Jimmy Carr, Jonathan Ross and David Walliams ALL being completely outshone by Noel and Russell's genius? Anyone else DEFINITELY gonna watch it again?

Just me then.



MediumRob said...

Unfair in the sense of being paired with Russell Brand?

I thought they were all messing around, anyway, playing roles rather than being themselves, but it was still surprisingly funny and Jimmy Carr managed not to be a total waste of space, which is something he's doing increasingly often, much to my chagrin.

AnnaWaits said...

Unfair..? Perhaps you misread 'unfamiliar'?!!

AnnaWaits said...

And as for Jimmy Carr, I think he was a little out-gunned actually.. though maybe he was taking more of a backseat consciously when he saw the banter between Walliams and 'The Goths' building up.

I loved it when Noel made the full transition from quiet to cocky - "Did The Squares get one wrong?!" :)

Dean said...

Watched this the other night and rather enjoyed it. Was basically just the seven of them messing around for a couple of hours. Didn't feel Carr was outgunned, just got the impression he knew if he joined in the recording could go on for days!

Ross' jabs about the Little Britain Live DVD were priceless.

AnnaWaits said...

It was fun, wasn't it? And yeah, Wossy's comments were very funny!

Yes, you could be right about Carr... he did seem to be trying to keep things moving!

Kev said...

Laughed like a drain throughout the show. Have never seen an episode of the Mighty Boosh in my life (although I did see Noel in "The IT Crowd") but will check it after seeing him The Big Fat Quiz.

Dean said...

I did wonder how a show with presumably a fairly small budget, being on Channel 4, can get someone like Ross away from the BBC who pay him silly money. Someone pointed out to me in the credits the other day:

Executive Producer - Jonathan Ross
Producer - Jane Goldman

Katie said...

God, I loved this - it was like wallowing in two hours of Noel loveliness. I can't help liking Russell Brand either, his early podcasts were great and even though he's on TV WAAAAYY too much, I've always quite liked the way he can bring a bit of reason to the screaming mentalists braying for blood on Big Brother's little Brother.

I've never liked Jimmy Carr, but I thought he came across as likeable for a change! I think he must have realised that the stars of the show were the goth boys and that he was better off being nice to them and calling them "adorable" than slagging them off and making yet more "gipsy" and/or gay jokes.

For such cheap tv, it was surprisingly watchable - especially since it lasted for what felt like the whole of my Christmas holiday.

AnnaWaits said...

I'm glad this has spurred you onto watching the Boosh, Kev - a few Boosh fans thought going on this was tantamount to 'selling out' but I was all for it, because I knew that Noel was charming enough to gain a lot of fans for the show.

And yeah, Katie after watching it again I think Jimmy read the audience very well and sided with the winners ;) I've never had a problem with him myself.

As for Mr. Brand, I taped BB's Big Mouth last night, so it'll be interesting to see if my opinion of him as a presenter has changed now that I've seen his talents as a stand-up.

I looked up who was on Big Fat Quiz... last year - Gordon Ramsay and Sharon Osbourne? It must have been a very different show!