Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Those British Comedy Awards nominations in full...

From TV Scoop (natch):

Best TV Comedy Actor of 2006
David Mitchell & Robert Webb - Peep Show (Objective for Channel 4)
Ricky Gervais - Extras (BBC Comedy For BBC One)
Stephen Merchant - Extras (BBC Comedy For BBC One)

Best TV Comedy Actress of 2006
Catherine Tate - The Catherine Tate Xmas Special (Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Two)
Katherine Parkinson - The IT Crowd (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)
Tamsin Greig - Green Wing (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)

Best Comedy Entertainment Personality of 2006
Ant & Dec - Saturday Night Takeaway/ I’m a Celebrity - Get me Out of Here/ Poker Face (ITV Productions/Talkback Thames for ITV1)
Harry Hill - Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Avalon Television for ITV1)
Paul Merton - Have I Got News for You Hat Trick Productions for BBC One)

Best Male Comedy Newcomer 0f 2006
Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins - The Friday Night Project (Princess Productions for Channel 4)
Kevin Bishop - Star Stories (Objective Productions for Channel 4)
Russell Brand - Russell Brand’s Got Issues (Vanity Project for E4)

Best Female Comedy Newcomer of 2006
Charlotte Church - The Charlotte Church Show (Monkey for Channel 4)
Katherine Parkinson - The IT Crowd (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)
Miranda Hart - Hyperdrive (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)

Britain’s Best New TV Comedy of 2006
Star Stories - (Objective Productions for Channel 4)
Suburban Shootout - (Feelgood Fiction for Five and Paramount Comedy)
That Mitchell & Webb Look - (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)

Best TV Comedy of 2006
Extras - (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)
Peep Show - (Objective Productions for Channel 4)
The Thick of It - (BBC Comedy for BBC Four)

Best Comedy Entertainment Programme of 2006
Ant & Dec Christmas Takeaway (ITV Productions for ITV1)
Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Avalon Television for ITV1)
Have I Got News for You (Hat Trick Productions for BBC One)

Highland Spring People’s Choice Award
As voted for by readers of FHM, Heat and Zoo Magazine and ITV1 viewers on the night.

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV Productions for ITV1)
Extras (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)
8 Out of 10 Cats (Zeppotron For Channel 4)
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (Open Mike Productions for BBC One)
Green Wing (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)
Little Britain (BBC Comedy For BBC One)
Northern Lights (ITV Productions for ITV1)
That Mitchell & Webb Look (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)

Best Comedy Film for 2006
Confetti - Fox Searchlight Pictures/BBC Films/Wasted Talent (distributed by Fox Searchlight)
Little Miss Sunshine - Fox Searchlight Pictures/Big Beach/Bona Fide (distributed by Fox Searchlight)
Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit - Aardman Animations (distributed by Dreamworks / UIP)

Best International Comedy Show for 2006
Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO Entertainment for More 4
Everybody Hates Chris - Chris Rock Enterprises/3 Arts Entertainment/Paramount Network Television for Five
The Office: An American Workplace - NBC Universal for ITV2

Best Live Stand Up Tour for 2006
As voted for by readers of FHM and Zoo Magazine.

Al Murray - ...And Another Thing
Jimmy Carr - Gag Reflex
Lee Evans - XL - UK Tour 2005
Lee Mack - The 2006 Stand Up Tour
Ross Noble - Fizzy Logic
Russell Brand - Shame

Best Stage Comedy for 2006
As voted for by readers of FHM and Zoo Magazine.

Little Britain
Robin Ince’s Book Club
The League of Gentlemen Are Behind You
The Mighty Boosh
The Two Faces of Mitchell and Webb

(though not for Best Stage Comedy... we gotta give the Boosh something :D)


Dean said...

Ooh, the live awards are back, albeit in a different fashion. Go go Book Club!

Dean said...

Just noticed this:

Best Live Stand Up Tour for 2006
As voted for by readers of FHM and Zoo Magazine.
Lee Evans - XL - UK Tour 2005

Those great minds at Zoo stunning us all again...

Matt_c said...

Mitchell and Webb and the Boosh to scoop everything please.
If Extras wins anything I will be forced to write the vitriolic jeremiad that I have been planning for several months.

AnnaWaits said...

Haha I'll look forward to it - I mean, Extras is gonna win *something*, I'm sure. It's a sad state of affairs....

stu_n said...

Only one nomination for 'The Thick Of It'? Harsh.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

The Thick of It will have suffered for the penalty of having employed Chris Langham. Unfair but I can see how that would damage its reputation.

No one else for Suburban Shootout? I rather enjoyed that... (although that could be because Amelia Bullmore always brings to mind her role as Elizabeth Proctor...)

As long as no awards for Russell Brand I will be happy...

Dean said...

Just looking through that list...
Merchant deserves the Best Actor award for being the only good thing about Extras, Harry Hill deserves something for TV Burp, and The Thick of It deserves best Comedy, and that's about it. Have I Got News For You is still decent but a shadow of what it used to be. Most of the rest of the nominations just make my skin crawl, though I've not seen Mitchell and Webb yet.

The fact that My Name Is Earl despite being a critical darling hasn't been nominated for Best International Comedy Show is a crying shame, though the three shows that have been nominated are frankly better than 90% of the UK shows in the rest of the list.

I've not actually seen any of the tours listed on the live stand up list but Murray, Carr and Evans are the usual lot. Mack once cancelled my gig so am against him winning on principle (even though Avalon sorted us a far better line-up to replace him)... Noble probably deserves it but Brand will win.

And so best stage comedy:
Should The Book Club win this I shall re-evaluate my stance on the whole awards show being an utter waste of time consisting of nothing more than industry back-slapping and nepotism. But it clearly won't, and to be honest, it's not even *really* a 'stage' comedy: it's a stand-up gig done differently. It's the most important thing to happen to stand-up in the last five years but you can't *actually* compare it with The Boosh or Mitchell and Webb or the rest of the nominees as it's so different. Brief explanation: it's a bunch of people doing stand-up punctuated with readings from really bad books, pop songs on the accordian and Johnny Candon, who cannot be explained.
I'm really not even sure why it's been nominated as it really fits better in the previous Stand-Up tour catagory. Weird.

Okay I wrote more than I thought, should trackback this...

Marie said...

I'm pretty disgusted that they chose FHM and Zoo magazine to be the two magazines whose readers get to vote in these awards, despite the fact that every comedy gig I've ever been to have had loads of women in the audience, and all the women I know watch comedy on TV. But I keep forgetting women aren't funny and don't know what is funny. Best to keep us out of it, eh?

Dean said...

Oh and most stand-up critics, comedians and regular comedy gig-goers are of the general opinion that Daniel Kitson's stand-up tour this year, Welschenstaung (sp) is one of if not the best stand-up tour of the year.

It also contains a 15 minute routine attacking Zoo and Nuts magazine and expressing a pure abhorence for everything they represent.

And why the hell do magazine readers and the general public get to vote on the stand-up and nothing else anyways? Either it wants to be a court of popular opinion in which case lets have phone-in votes on everything (or cut out the middle man entirely and just give everything to Little Britain and Catherine Tate) or it wants to be a professional awards ceremony in which case the stand-up awards should be decided upon by critics who work in that field. Not some weird hybrid where stand-up is treated as second class.