Friday, November 03, 2006

The State Within

I've got a feeling that this will improve, but I wasn't convinced last night. To be honest, I spent the first twenty minutes in a sort of mild panic - this is BBC... but it looks so American... who's that guy?... I can barely get a handle on Spooks and I know the characters on that show... ooooh bolshy American woman, I get that... is that the same guy as before?... where are we now?...

That quickly passed, though... *ahem*.

It was so determined to make it look as much like Without A Trace as possible (not the greatest ambition, maybe, but one they certainly pulled off) that they forgot to put any time and/or money into decent actors who would avoid putting me to sleep. And what exactly IS the show? Bits of West Wing here, bits of Spooks there, but it had none of the verbal wit of the former, or the excitement and tension of the latter. Maybe I was expecting too much for a first episode, but when you have such a pretty box, you expect to find something worth looking at inside. Now, I should probably go beyond just Sam Wollaston's tv reviews, but he always promotes discussion, doesn't he? On one hand, he's completely right:
"It's as if they sat down to brainstorm a few ideas, and then at the end of it just decided: "Hey, what the hell, let's just put them all in." There are so many threads to be tied together, it's like a woollen scarf that's been put through the shredder."
and on the other he's completely wrong, because he uses the word "fun". This was anything but fun. It was the opposite of fun. It was dull. BUT I'm willing to give it another go. Just one, mind.

EDIT: There's a round-up of blogger opinion over on TV Today, and Rob's done a great review here.


Dean said...

Aww man, you know you spend too much time reading blogs when you know not just one but two of the people quoted in that Stage blogger opinion round-up thing.

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