Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pegg and Schwimmer

Like the White Stripes and ballet, the fact that Simon Pegg (one of the coolest Englishmen I'm aware of) and David Schwimmer (one of the coolest Americans I'm aware of) are coming together for a single project has both eluded me, and now excites me rather a lot. It's for Big Nothing, a film I had no knowledge of until about ten minutes ago when I found this on YouTube...

... which involves something so funny, I've got to put it here for posterity, in case YouTube goes missing or something. The interviewer has asked Simon, David and Alice Eve to describe each other in own word. This is Simon on David:
Simon: Err.... Ross.
And that's why Simon Pegg's one of the coolest Englishmen I'm aware of.

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