Sunday, November 26, 2006

David Mitchell overload...

He was on Jam and Jerusalem, Qi AND Blunder on Friday.

In order of time and nothing else, we'll start with Jam and Jerusalem (which he was in for about three minutes, to be fair). Well it was just kinda weird. On one hand there was Sue Johnstone playing it pretty straight, as though she were still in the Royle Family, and then at the other extreme you had Dawn French being Dawn French. The two didn't *really* go together all that well, did they? Plus it just wasn't that funny which is of course the greater crime.

Then Qi, a show I look forward to every single week and which never disappoints. That's some achievement. David Mitchell always comes at things from a different angle to everyone else, so he's a great panelist, and Alan Davies makes me giggle pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

Then there was Blunder over on e4, which I wanted to be good, because it's got lovely Toby from Nathan Barley (Rhys Thomas), Simon Farnaby from many things including the Boosh, and the paper boy from Spaced. And David Mitchell. (though quite why he IS there I have no idea. He's just far too famous for it) It was pretty rubbish though. Half of the sketches are filmed on location, and half are with a studio audience - I think maybe they should've kept to the latter, and made it more of a showcase type thing. In any case, it didn't make me laugh.

And this isn't on tv, but I'm also making my way through Peep Show, which I've never caught on tv for some unknown reason, and I'm really loving it. The only problem I had with the first series was that the friendship between Jez (Robert Webb) and Mark (guess who) wasn't really focused on - they both had their own storylines which kept them apart for a lot of the time - but this seems to be sorted out in the second season. They also make it clearer why people actually like Jez, which was something that needed looking at. Talking of looking at things (I'm good, I know) I spend most of the time watching through my fingers - especially when Mark's making his moves on Sophie (I actually covered my face with my blanket at one point). I doubt I'm alone.

THEN there's the Mitchell and Webb live show DVD which comes out on Monday, so I'll be watching intently for... well, me.


Dean said...

Still waiting for your opinion the live Boosh show - is the DVD any good in terms of extras by the way? Not bought it since I've already seen the show so will probably pick it up in the country-wide January comedy DVD sale (if you're not aware, lots of comedians and such bring out a DVD for the Christmas market then come january 2nd everywhere sells them off for ten quid or less...).

I still haven't watched Peep Show, or the new Mitchell and Webb show. Or anything else you talked about in this entry so I'll shut up now (so much for resident comedy expert!)

AnnaWaits said...

He he! I'd give Peep Show a go.

And re. live Boosh, I just can't be objective... I will do it evetually, when I've watched it again. I loved the (very long) pre-amble infront of the curtain, especially, though.

Matt_c said...

It disappoints me that Mitchell and Webb only acted in Peep Show. For a substantial amount of time I had them as new geniuses; now they're just good comedy actors. Nothing to get that upset about but disappointing to have had that snatched away from me.

OT: I was watching a Queen concert live and during some surfing was struck by how much Freddie Mercury with long hair sometimes looks like Noel. Not a great anecdote but there you go.

Matt_c said...

That makes it look like I was catching some waves whilst watching TV. Clearly I meant 'on the web' in yoof speak.

AnnaWaits said...

Yeah, it's very weird that Mitchell and Webb don't write Peep Show. From the making-of documentary, it sounds like they even had the idea for the show and then went out looking for writers. Bizarre.