Thursday, November 30, 2006

By referrals...

Holyhoses Rob has been taking a look at the searches that have brought people to his blog, and it's so much fun I thought I'd do the same...

Theatre life film art television furniture: Unless this is a particular coincidence, I think they may have *wanted* to wind up here

noel fielding illness: I hope he's ok...

julian barratt interview: So I like the Boosh!

alan davies: how many pages of results must you have to go through before you get to me with this search!!

vibrate on desert idland discs: it wasn't one of mine, but it could have been. Search engines are clever these days, aren't they?

rsc bible abridged: ah someone with real taste

simon amstell john barrowman: two people who are both wonderful, but it's hard to find a collection

rufus sewell (x about 100): someone was really interested in Rufus Sewell

Monday, November 27, 2006

Rock 'n' Roll gets just rewards

Like pretty much everyone else, I adored Rock 'n' Roll, and it's picked up best play, and best actor (the fantastic Rufus Sewell) at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Quite right too.

(The Stage)

Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is a great blog I found on my blogger dashboard page. I'll let them explain...

From the bold to the beautiful, from the wicked to the wise, every day the Wikipedia team relegates possibly "inappropriate" submissions to the garbage dump of time. Here, we make selected rejects immortal and preserve them for posterity.

There's some wonderfully weird stuff - I suggest a look.

Pegg and Schwimmer

Like the White Stripes and ballet, the fact that Simon Pegg (one of the coolest Englishmen I'm aware of) and David Schwimmer (one of the coolest Americans I'm aware of) are coming together for a single project has both eluded me, and now excites me rather a lot. It's for Big Nothing, a film I had no knowledge of until about ten minutes ago when I found this on YouTube...

... which involves something so funny, I've got to put it here for posterity, in case YouTube goes missing or something. The interviewer has asked Simon, David and Alice Eve to describe each other in own word. This is Simon on David:
Simon: Err.... Ross.
And that's why Simon Pegg's one of the coolest Englishmen I'm aware of.

I hate Bloglines

It makes me a really passive reader of blogs. I just look at them in the reader and then fail to actually go to the blog to see the comments and respond. So, because I like you all so much, you're all coming off my Bloglines. It's for the best.

David Mitchell overload...

He was on Jam and Jerusalem, Qi AND Blunder on Friday.

In order of time and nothing else, we'll start with Jam and Jerusalem (which he was in for about three minutes, to be fair). Well it was just kinda weird. On one hand there was Sue Johnstone playing it pretty straight, as though she were still in the Royle Family, and then at the other extreme you had Dawn French being Dawn French. The two didn't *really* go together all that well, did they? Plus it just wasn't that funny which is of course the greater crime.

Then Qi, a show I look forward to every single week and which never disappoints. That's some achievement. David Mitchell always comes at things from a different angle to everyone else, so he's a great panelist, and Alan Davies makes me giggle pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

Then there was Blunder over on e4, which I wanted to be good, because it's got lovely Toby from Nathan Barley (Rhys Thomas), Simon Farnaby from many things including the Boosh, and the paper boy from Spaced. And David Mitchell. (though quite why he IS there I have no idea. He's just far too famous for it) It was pretty rubbish though. Half of the sketches are filmed on location, and half are with a studio audience - I think maybe they should've kept to the latter, and made it more of a showcase type thing. In any case, it didn't make me laugh.

And this isn't on tv, but I'm also making my way through Peep Show, which I've never caught on tv for some unknown reason, and I'm really loving it. The only problem I had with the first series was that the friendship between Jez (Robert Webb) and Mark (guess who) wasn't really focused on - they both had their own storylines which kept them apart for a lot of the time - but this seems to be sorted out in the second season. They also make it clearer why people actually like Jez, which was something that needed looking at. Talking of looking at things (I'm good, I know) I spend most of the time watching through my fingers - especially when Mark's making his moves on Sophie (I actually covered my face with my blanket at one point). I doubt I'm alone.

THEN there's the Mitchell and Webb live show DVD which comes out on Monday, so I'll be watching intently for... well, me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Company of the week!

*drum roll please.......*

It's DOLLY DAGGER! Congrats, take a bow.

I'd had my eye on a purse from this store for quite a while, and when I got some money for my birthday, I thought I'd treat myself. When the package came (about three days after placing the order) I got not only the purse, wrapped in tissue, but also a candy cane and two badges.

Now, I might be easily impressed, but attention to detail is worth a lot, so I thought I'd give them a little plug. They also have a blog and a myspace, and pretty much everything they sell is achingly cool.

Three cheers for Dolly Dagger!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Those British Comedy Awards nominations in full...

From TV Scoop (natch):

Best TV Comedy Actor of 2006
David Mitchell & Robert Webb - Peep Show (Objective for Channel 4)
Ricky Gervais - Extras (BBC Comedy For BBC One)
Stephen Merchant - Extras (BBC Comedy For BBC One)

Best TV Comedy Actress of 2006
Catherine Tate - The Catherine Tate Xmas Special (Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Two)
Katherine Parkinson - The IT Crowd (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)
Tamsin Greig - Green Wing (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)

Best Comedy Entertainment Personality of 2006
Ant & Dec - Saturday Night Takeaway/ I’m a Celebrity - Get me Out of Here/ Poker Face (ITV Productions/Talkback Thames for ITV1)
Harry Hill - Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Avalon Television for ITV1)
Paul Merton - Have I Got News for You Hat Trick Productions for BBC One)

Best Male Comedy Newcomer 0f 2006
Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins - The Friday Night Project (Princess Productions for Channel 4)
Kevin Bishop - Star Stories (Objective Productions for Channel 4)
Russell Brand - Russell Brand’s Got Issues (Vanity Project for E4)

Best Female Comedy Newcomer of 2006
Charlotte Church - The Charlotte Church Show (Monkey for Channel 4)
Katherine Parkinson - The IT Crowd (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)
Miranda Hart - Hyperdrive (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)

Britain’s Best New TV Comedy of 2006
Star Stories - (Objective Productions for Channel 4)
Suburban Shootout - (Feelgood Fiction for Five and Paramount Comedy)
That Mitchell & Webb Look - (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)

Best TV Comedy of 2006
Extras - (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)
Peep Show - (Objective Productions for Channel 4)
The Thick of It - (BBC Comedy for BBC Four)

Best Comedy Entertainment Programme of 2006
Ant & Dec Christmas Takeaway (ITV Productions for ITV1)
Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Avalon Television for ITV1)
Have I Got News for You (Hat Trick Productions for BBC One)

Highland Spring People’s Choice Award
As voted for by readers of FHM, Heat and Zoo Magazine and ITV1 viewers on the night.

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV Productions for ITV1)
Extras (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)
8 Out of 10 Cats (Zeppotron For Channel 4)
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (Open Mike Productions for BBC One)
Green Wing (Talkback Thames for Channel 4)
Little Britain (BBC Comedy For BBC One)
Northern Lights (ITV Productions for ITV1)
That Mitchell & Webb Look (BBC Comedy for BBC Two)

Best Comedy Film for 2006
Confetti - Fox Searchlight Pictures/BBC Films/Wasted Talent (distributed by Fox Searchlight)
Little Miss Sunshine - Fox Searchlight Pictures/Big Beach/Bona Fide (distributed by Fox Searchlight)
Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit - Aardman Animations (distributed by Dreamworks / UIP)

Best International Comedy Show for 2006
Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO Entertainment for More 4
Everybody Hates Chris - Chris Rock Enterprises/3 Arts Entertainment/Paramount Network Television for Five
The Office: An American Workplace - NBC Universal for ITV2

Best Live Stand Up Tour for 2006
As voted for by readers of FHM and Zoo Magazine.

Al Murray - ...And Another Thing
Jimmy Carr - Gag Reflex
Lee Evans - XL - UK Tour 2005
Lee Mack - The 2006 Stand Up Tour
Ross Noble - Fizzy Logic
Russell Brand - Shame

Best Stage Comedy for 2006
As voted for by readers of FHM and Zoo Magazine.

Little Britain
Robin Ince’s Book Club
The League of Gentlemen Are Behind You
The Mighty Boosh
The Two Faces of Mitchell and Webb

(though not for Best Stage Comedy... we gotta give the Boosh something :D)

Mark Shenton on how prepared a critic should be..

After my attempt at reviewing The Caretaker without running off to Wikipedia, here's Mark Shenton's view on whether you should read up on old productions, seek out the original text etc. Basically, he's not sure!!

Oh, and I realise my Boosh countdown came to a rather anti-climatic end on Monday... basically I'm trying to get my essay out of the way so I can sit down and properly absorb it. With popcorn and the lights off :) But in the mean time, here's a gratuitous screencap of the DVD from the forum:

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Two days to go...

... and Noel and Julian are spreading themselves thin to boost sales. Did anyone see 'em on Jonathan Ross last night? And John Barrowman! It was a good show. John was as hyper and as naughty as we've come to expect, Noel looked wonderfully ridiculous as usual and Julian... well bless that man, have you ever seen anyone look quite so uncomfortable (and cute and endearing, of course) as him on that show? Apparently he was made even more embarrassed than he usually is on these things because when Wossy picked up on his reticence, he made everyone stare at him. Lovely.

P.S. I really am aware that noone cares about the details of every movement made by Messers Fielding and Barratt... but whatchagunnado. In fact, I'm even going to tell you that Julian was clean shaven on Soccer am. Yes, the trademark 'tache is gone. :P

The Play What I Wrote, Lyceum Theatre Sheffield, 10/11/06

Bit stressed out from essays, birthday preparations, and general stuff at the mo, so this won't be too long.... :)

So, the Morecambe and Wise play, right? Well, right and wrong. It was clear that a lot of the audience had come to see classic sketches acted out, and at half time many were disappointed - I actually heard a guy say 'They aren't doing what I paid my money for!'. So he hadn't done his homework, that's fair enough. But what's really not that fair enough is then refusing to accept what's actually been put in front of you, and evaluating that rather than what you expected/hoped for. Not that the comment riled me, or anything. The show actually follows another comedy double act, but listen to the explanation and you'll realise that there's certain similarities to the seminal pair: one is always goofing around, making a joke out of everything, upstaging his partner. The other is a little pompous, serious, and a very bad playwright. Sound familiar? I could say that The Play What I Wrote explores the dynamics and possible pitfalls of a funn-man/straight-man double act, because, well, it does. But really, it's guys channelling the fun and freedom of Eric and Ernie's shows, without re-enacting them word for word, and actors Andrew Cryer and Greg Haiste (and wonderful third man Anthony Hoggard) do it very well. I'm not sure it entirely works because, while I know it's not cool to say this, some of the Morecambe and Wise humour has aged quite a bit, but it's a lot of fun, and the direct references are used sparingly enough to make them feel special - 'He won't sell much ice-cream going at that speed!'

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Boosh series 3 info...

On Jo Whiley, they said that...
1) The next series will probably be set in a second hand/vintage shop run by Naboo - Howard'll try and sell his jazz records and Vince'll sell his ridiculous clothes.
3) The series probably wont be on tv til Autumn '07
4) Then they'll think about going on tour again.


Who's the newbie over at TV Scoop...?



Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Russell Brand edgy enough for Radio 2

So Brand was 'fired' from 6Music for being 'too edgy', and has now been hired by Radio 2. There's something wrong there. I think people were confusing 'edgy' and 'big'.

The State Within

I've got a feeling that this will improve, but I wasn't convinced last night. To be honest, I spent the first twenty minutes in a sort of mild panic - this is BBC... but it looks so American... who's that guy?... I can barely get a handle on Spooks and I know the characters on that show... ooooh bolshy American woman, I get that... is that the same guy as before?... where are we now?...

That quickly passed, though... *ahem*.

It was so determined to make it look as much like Without A Trace as possible (not the greatest ambition, maybe, but one they certainly pulled off) that they forgot to put any time and/or money into decent actors who would avoid putting me to sleep. And what exactly IS the show? Bits of West Wing here, bits of Spooks there, but it had none of the verbal wit of the former, or the excitement and tension of the latter. Maybe I was expecting too much for a first episode, but when you have such a pretty box, you expect to find something worth looking at inside. Now, I should probably go beyond just Sam Wollaston's tv reviews, but he always promotes discussion, doesn't he? On one hand, he's completely right:
"It's as if they sat down to brainstorm a few ideas, and then at the end of it just decided: "Hey, what the hell, let's just put them all in." There are so many threads to be tied together, it's like a woollen scarf that's been put through the shredder."
and on the other he's completely wrong, because he uses the word "fun". This was anything but fun. It was the opposite of fun. It was dull. BUT I'm willing to give it another go. Just one, mind.

EDIT: There's a round-up of blogger opinion over on TV Today, and Rob's done a great review here.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The State Within vs. A Harlot's Progress....

Which will I choose?

Well, it's The State Within clearly. That way I get to see the very funny Simon Amstell on Buzzcocks too. You gotta consider these things.

Internet! At last!

To celebrate, here's the Mitchell and Webb live tour finale, courtesy of Mr YouTube and the very lovely mrsarrison:

The BBC is 70 today!

So says TV Today! Have a drink on old Aunty Beeb!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Secret Policeman's Ball

Didn't really work on tv, did it? But then that's hardly surprising, given the fact that it was re-ordered, a number of acts were completely missed out, and those that remained were massively chopped down. I'm sure it was a blast if you were there... The Torn mime thing was good, and the Boosh at least looked excited to be there (unlike most of them, who looked rather bored), but overall... very meh.

Here's something rather cool though - Noel Fielding and Russell Brand trying to out-do each other both in size of hair and wit. Basically, Noel comes up with all the weird ideas and Russell expands.