Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Two Faces of Mitchell and Webb

(I can't be bothered to blog Torchwood. It wasn't really good or bad enough to warrant an opinion, was it?! Just kind of... meh. Fun, I guess, though not funny. Not particularly dark... I'll watch again as John Barrowman's worth a second chance, but I'm not expecting miracles)

So, I went to see Mitchell and Webb live last night! Very exciting, especially because they were recording it for the DVD so I'll be able to relive it at my leisure when it comes out. Made for a rather strange opening though, as some guy came on explaining that they need audience reaction shots, but for that they need lights, and as we wouldn't want the lights up all the way through, we'd just have to do some fake laughing there and then. Which was a little weird. We did 'mildly funny', 'funny' and 'hilarious'. And all felt like idiots, so what it'll look like I've no idea.

Anyway, good point, bad points. It's easier to quantify the 'bad' elements because they're just to do with the structure of the show. Like the fact that David and Robert did lots of sketches apart, (as one got changed, presumably) when what we really want is Mitchell and Webb. Or that we didn't really see very much real David and Robert- either really real in terms of messing stuff up (they're just too darn professional - though Rob had problems with his 'Big Talk' moustache...) or inverted-commas-"real" like in the TV show.

The good stuff's harder to set down because they've found a way to my happy switch and I find it hard to be objective. Sketches that have received luke-warm critical responses (*cough* snooker commentators) make me crack up, Numberwang is the most wonderfully demented thing on tv in years, they can be wonderfully high-brow and erudite one moment, utterly ridiculous the next... I just love it. They've got to my happy switch, and that's more than enough praise. Yes, this is simply the tv show put on a stage but you know what, I love the tv show so I don't entirely care. In fact I don't care at all.

You see - can't be objective. :)

Oh, and I got their autographs....

Yay! I said to David that the Snooker Lady In Red had made me face just how much snooker I actually watch, and to Rob that they'd made me laugh so much I cried. Both just kinda laughed...!

P.S. Still having internet problems, as you can probably tell :( Ah well. Apparently the connection's about a week and a half away. We'll see....


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I hope that's not some sort of pre-Mitchell and Webb Look Mitchell and Webb reference, because I know nothing of them pre-Sept 2006!

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