Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Royle Family

It's hard to blog something that was pretty much perfect, isn't it? I'd forgotten how good The Royle Family was, and indeed what sort of comedy it was, and how much pathos was involved. Surely all the episodes weren't this good, though? The scene with Barbara cutting Nana's hair was devastatingly sad and beautiful, and Jessica Stevenson brought her usual greatness to the little end scene with Twiggy. And of course it was hilarious too - Caroline Ahern is a master observer.
Why, precisely, they decided to bring it back, I'm not sure - but it's quality was justification enough.

P.S. More for the 'Sam Wollaston is wrong' pile.


Anonymous said...

I always seem to be out for these momentous TV occasions. I'll try and catch it elsewhere. Thanks for the recommendation.

Matt_c said...

I didn't see this trailed anywhere.

Seems a bit odd to bring it back for a 'Halloween special' but at least I bet it was cleverer, more coherent, warmer and more incisive than fucking Extras.

[Obviously I use 'fucking' as an adjective there, rather than a verb. Though that works too.]

AnnaWaits said...


It really wasn't plugged at all, I don't understand it. Should have been a Christmas thing, definitely.