Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Just a quick one to say that I'm back at uni and currently without net access at our house :( The phone line's pretty messed up so it might be a while before normal service is resumed! Also, I see that I've 6 comments on the post below, but this computer isn't loading the page so I can see them... hope you're having fun down there! Literally, every other page will load. Grrr.

*hits computer*
That didn't help.

So, hope to see you all soon, I've got to use the uni computers anyway to check emails and the like, so hopefully I'll be able to keep some level of normality. All the best amigos.


SimonHolyHoses said...

I look forward to your return to the fray, Anna.

becstar. said...

If life's a struggle, swing by ours for some IT therapy. I'll also come and fix your door soon. Are you coming down on Thursday?

What am I doing? Turning this blog into some kind of chat machine that't what.


MIKEY said...

Sorry to hear you're internet-less at home right now... Hope university is going well for you aswell!

I'm in my last year now, so its getting a little scary.

Ok very.