Friday, September 15, 2006

Thursday Is The New Friday

Comedy-wise, of course. So, Extras, That Mitchell and Webb Look and Mock The Week - what did we think?

First Extras - I laughed out loud several times, and that really doesn't happen very often (except when watching Futurama, I've realised recently). Ashley Jenson was, if anything, funnier than last series, and I preferred her sections to Andy's. They're better together, though, and hopefully Andy's awful sitcom will fail and they'll be sat observing ludicrous A-listers together again soon. Talking of Andy's sitcom, and more his reactions/comments, it's hard not to just hear Ricky Gervais talking, so similar are Andy's beliefs to his own. I found his rants a little self-indulgent - and even a little churlish, seeing as though Gervais's own experience of the Beeb has clearly been very different to Andy's. Yup, it was certainly Maggie's exchanges with Orlando Bloom and the one-rung-up actress which made last night's episode so enjoyable.

Then That Mitchell and Webb Look - patchy but then isn't that the way of all sketch shows? There was real promise: the self-conscious Nazis were great, as were the 'Big Talk' and life insurance sketches. The best by far I thought, though, was the posh waiter sketch - haven't we all felt intimidated by 'the staff' when in classy restaurants? This made me laugh a lot. Shame that they copped out of the 'How Not What To Look Like' punchline - it was funny, and not offensive, I didn't think - and tacking the 'real-life' scene on the end felt unnecessary. If they'd really thought it was offensive, surely they just wouldn't have included it at all?

Lastly Mock The Week - which my nerves can't really handle. I know that they've probably seen the topics, and have been improvising for years, but it still amazes me. It's good to know that the BBC have decided to use this show as a jumping off point for emerging comics - Fringe Festival hit Russell Howard was on last night and more than held his own against the old hands like Clive Anderson.


Mouldy said...

Agree with you totally about Extras except to say that Andy's huge rant made me feel a little edgy for the reason that the BBC (money and viewing figure orientation) is the bad guy in that scenario. And yet it was on the Beeb! And Cheggers was fab.

Couldn't watch the other two. Tried and failed. Thats a shame because I was really looking forward to them.

Good blogging though Anna!

Marie said...

Wasn't watching - was fully immersed in Low Winter Sun on C4, the best TV thriller I have seen in many years - probably since the first Prime Suspect. Mark Strong is a genius.

Isn't it annoying how all the good TV is on at the same time?

AnnaWaits said...

It always goes that way! Should have taped Low Winter Sun...

And yeah Mouldy, you could imagine Gervais thinking - we'll be just like The Simpsons taking the piss out of Fox! But the Beeb isn't Fox, is it?! And thanks :-)

Paul Fuzz said...

Yeah, it goes without saying that the Simpsons vs Fox thing only works because Fox is a Murdoch owned right wing monster, and you're totally on the side of The Simpsons. The Gervais vs The Beeb thing doesn't work because the BBC is pretty harmless, non-commercial, lefty national treasure, and I don't think he has any valid 'beef' with them whatsoever.

Mouldy said...

Couldn't agree more with Paul's comments there. The BBC is harmless? Yeah! And I'm a sobre hetero! Ha!