Monday, September 25, 2006

Summing up

Sorry guys, I've been suffering with a bit of a nasty virus, so apologies for the lack of posts and comments. I'm still not feeling brilliant so here's some rubbish summing-up blogging for you:

Spooks: brilliant - loads of that unbearable suspense it does so well, Hermione Norris seems like she'll fit in well, and Zaf continues to be incredibly cool.
Extras Ep.2: awful - aren't the general public idiots? They'll watch any old crap, won't they? Even when proper critics see that it's rubbish? Urggggh. Plus, and most importantly, I don't really remember laughing.
Jane Eyre: ho-hum - very stylised, and I'm not sure I like it...

Discuss. :)

Also, I'm currently working my way through the Nathan Barley series and I am loving it. Writers Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris clearly know the Shoreditch/so-cutting-edge-it's-tomorrow scene to attack it so vehemently. There's a slight problem here, I think, though, in that they don't show why that lifestyle might be something people aspire to, or find attractive, when of course they do. The performances are uniformly brilliant though. I may be a little biased but MAN Julian Barratt is good - he makes Dan Ashcroft a flawed and often incredibly irritating man, but you're right behind him and his campaign against the 'idiots'. You know he won't always make the right decisions, but you want him to, and that shows you like him. Nicholas Burns also makes the eponymous 'hero' brilliantly slappable, and one of our faves, Nina Sosanya, provides a character looking at things with our eyes. I can't wait to finish the series.


Paul Fuzz said...

And what about an 'Anchorman' blog too, huh? All together now: "Gonna get my baby, gonna hold her tight, gonna get some afternoon dee-light..."

And yeah, Nathan Barley is great.

PS: did you read that 'What if Kurt Cobain Was Still Alive Today' thing in the NME, like an interview with Kurt as a 40 year old? I ain't a big Nirvana fan by a long stretch, infact I think they're monumentally overrated, but my god, this piece was just awful. Terribly written, totally un-insightful, not funny...Lester Bangs did a similar thing with Hendrix some years after his death which - natch - is ace. This sucked like a barrel of leeches.

Paul Fuzz said...

Hey Ms Waits. Just blogged Cabaret. I guess you could copy it over here, or just put a link up to it. Actually, just do that. Enjoy!

Dean said...

I'm going to catch up on Spooks, Extras and Mitchell and Webb later this week (have been pre-occupied watching marathon runs of Aaron 'West Wing' Sorkin's first show, Sports Night, a show I had previously avoided due to the presence of the word 'Sports' in the title, but which I have been compelled to revisit after catching the pilot of his new show and my new favourite show Studio 60... but anyway). Expect strong opinions one way or the other on Spooks.

Nathan Barley was always an interesting show. It got a raw deal in the press to be honest but it's totally understandable why - I can't even begin to describe how dissapointed I was with it when I first saw it. But after waiting almost 5 years since Jam for a new Morris TV show frankly nothing could ever live up to the hype in my, and I guess the press', minds. It was a let-down - master satirist Morris reduced to making a traditional sitcom which attempts to skewer a certain sector of the media community but does so without the teeth of Brass Eye or The Day Today

Except that wasn't the point.

Put aside your expectations and you actually have fairly solid, if flawed, sitcom that was never judged solely on it's own merits. Which is a shame.

Mouldy said...

Totally agree about Jane Eyre. I've thought for a long time that Toby Stephens can't act - well, not CAN'T act but that he isn't as good as he's cracked up to be but then I have never seen him on stage.

Hope you feel better soon.

AnnaWaits said...

Thanks! I am feeling a little
better. Wasn't sure about Toby Stevens at first, but I gotta say he grew on me.

"reduced to making a traditional sitcom"
Now Dean, that phrase is not allowed round these parts. :) The traditional sitcom has produced some of the finest moments and performances on television. And it's the performances which really sell this for me - I just watched the last episode and I seriously cared what happened to Dan, Nathan, Claire et al. Not to say I liked any of them, but I felt that I had something invested. I've read a few reviews of it now, and most, as you say, thought it failed in it's main aim of violently lampooning that particular society. And that could be true... but I think there's some real meat to the characters, and that really grabbed me.

And Paul, yeah I did read that Nirvana thing. Awful. As for Anchorman, I did love it, but I think I'd like to read your review :)

Deano said...

It's not that traditional sit-coms are a bad thing, just that when something is coming from the pen of Chris Morris, possibly the greatest satirist of the last fifty years, expectation is for something a little more needling and not just a regular sitcom that gently pokes fun.

SimonHolyHoses said...

It always makes me laugh when I see a teenager walking down the street in a Nirvana T-shirt to think that Kurt Cobain would be probably all pipe and slippers by now, with a substantial beer-belly.

On the other hand it's also some consolation to me that, in spite of seriously being a miserable old git, I'm still younger than a lot of my heroes. It does take a lot of imagination to accept it.

Although of course, I suppose they can just pull out an old video of themselves, like Dorian Grey or something, whereas all I have to show for my agonies is an empty sherry-churn and some unfashionable crimplene slacks.

Oh well! Better still than smelling slightly of wee.