Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mark Shenton on Me And My Girl, Plymouth

On the Stage Newsblog:

" didn’t help, either, that our arrival in Plymouth hadn’t been exactly welcoming. All four of us critics had been booked into a rather down-at-heel hotel, the Astor; and then trying to eat at the Theatre Royal’s upstairs café meant dealing with what Charlie called a “Kafka-esque” ordering system in which all orders were taken at a counter by someone manning a solitary till, which took the best part of 15 minutes. Critics shouldn’t expect a red carpet to be rolled out for them – we’re members of the public with free tickets and a notebook, basically – but coming here involves a 7-hour round-trip by train, so it might have benefited the theatre’s management to have noticed we were there at all before we picked up our tickets from the theatre’s charming in-house PR. By then, even though she was as hospitable as she could be (and even rustled up some interval sandwiches to perk us up), the irritations had started building up. Now it wasn’t just memory that the show had to compete with, but the monumental effort of getting here and getting fed were counting against it, too."

Monumental effort??!! As you can imagine, I had something to say about that. Really, is a 7 hour round trip really an unfair price to pay for a fantastic job like he's got? Well, if Mr. Shenton can't face a trip up north, he can always delegate that work... :) The comments, by the way, have morphed into that age-old discussion about the 'essence' of blogs in general. And I'm afraid I contributed to it, but then we already know that I'm rather protective of the comment function...!

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