Friday, August 11, 2006

In Praise of.... Des Lynam

On Countdown:

Susie Dent: There was 'porgies' for seven - a porgy is a small fish.
Des: Porgy and Bass!
Audience: *Silence*



Paul Fuzz said...

What a hero. In other punning news, I read in Heat magazine the other day that hyperactive X-Factor goon Chico was 'SPOTTED' standing in a supermarket queue shouting "It's Checkout Time!" Which is pretty funny.

becstar. said...

Porgy and Bass...featuring the hit song "Summerbrine"...

Oooo, sometimes puns just hurt...

Mouldy said...

Becca that was rubbish!

Is he better than Whitely though?

Anna; your opinion on Kath and Kim please?

AnnaWaits said...

I was never a big fan of Whitely... all felt a bit awkward to me. But it seems that he was a lot more popular than Mr. Lynam with the main demographic.

Kath and Kim? I must shamefully admit to not having sat through an entire episode... what I've seen has made me chuckle but no belly laughs. Need to give it a proper watch though.