Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Edinburgh Fringe stufff

I was hoping I could give you some of this first hand, but as that seems less and less likely, you can join me at these various Fringe-related places:

thestage.co.uk/edinburgh - Scott's been working very hard so make it worth his while :)
guardian.co.uk/edinburgh - really good comprehensive mini-site
Dean - excitingly, Dean is reviewing comedy gigs for Chortle, and you can find all that good work, with added digressions here.


Scott said...

Yes, yes, come to The Stage! Subscribe to the lovely podcast (it's well worth it)! Win a shiny new iPod nano!

Well, obviously not everyone can win. Just five of ya. But it's free to enter so why not? :-)

Dean said...

Can't believe the Guardian only gave Andrew Lawrence 2 stars, tight gits :D

Thanks for the plug!

rashbre said...

Shameless plug. I'm here via holyhoses and saw the Fringe thing.

Our illustrious www.bubbleandsqueek.co.uk production of Warhol is at the Bongo Club later in the month. If you are fringing then don't miss it.

Here's a linkie from Christina.