Friday, August 18, 2006

Crap crappety crap crap

Is it just me, or is it only *very* recently that 'crap' has become an acceptable pre-watershed word? Maybe it's just that I was sheltered from it as a youngster, but I'm not convinced. Yesterday on FiveLive there was a c0nversation that went like this, pretty much word for word:
A: Do you think calling Bush crap will backfire on Mr. Prescott?
B: Well, he called the policy crap, he didn't call Bush himself crap.
A: Some of the papers are saying that he called Bush crap, though, aren't they?
B: Yes, crap crap crap.

Maybe not 'word for word', but you get the idea. I've no problem with this, really, just an observation...

1 comment:

City Slicker said...

Hmm never thought about it
But Bush is CRAP whatever it really means