Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Anna's Fun Weekend In London

A post that does exactly what it says on the tin, this is about my fun weekend in London. Because weekends in London aren't always fun, sometimes they're a little frantic with fun bits.

First thing to do when we got to our fair capital was to try and get some theatre tickets for the evening, having Rock 'n' Roll tickets for the Sunday matinee already safely bought and stored. The ticket booths in Leicester Square (all, they proclaim, the official one) can get ridiculously busy, so we headed to a lesser known one on the corner between Shaftsbury Avenue and Monmouth Street and were five minutes later the proud owners of tickets for Sunday In The Park with George. Simple as.

(I'm not very good at these 'what I did' posts... this is virtually my first, I think. Just bear with me!)

Perhaps even more miraculous was that I had gone to London in the hope of getting some little pixie boots - and I did! Within about ten minutes of the beginning the search, too. Sometimes things just go right. Look! They're great, aren't they?!

The good luck continues! I've been wanting some Wayfarer style sunglasses for a while - well, if they're good enough for Bob...

...then they're good enough for me. Ebay's got a load, but the prices are pretty steep, and they're nowhere to be found on the highstreet, despite the fact that The Kooks, Razorlight and other such bands of an indie/Topshop-type persuasion are wearing them. But Urban Outfitters had some, and in the sale for five pounds! Wayfarers+boots+hat=happy Anna. It doesn't take much :)

The luck must run out, you cry! And how right you are. We arrived at the hotel at four - two hours after check in time - to walk into a clearly-not-ready room. Good old British customer care meant we received no apology, and instead had insult added to injury by having to sit in the foyer listening to panpipe versions of 'I've Had The Time Of My Life'. Urgggh.

But the Sunday In the Park that evening made up for it, as you'll see in my review below. A stunning piece of theatre in a venue (the Wyndham's) that's obviously seen a bit of Mr. Mackintosh's cash - plush seats, plenty of leg room, and air conditioning.

The next morning we set out for Somerset House, where you can sit on the terrace, drink some lovely coffee, and watch the world go by. Somehow this little haven has stayed a virtual secret, but I'll let you guys in on it, because you've stuck with this post so long. Then we headed off to the National Gallery and looked at Seurat (the painter focused on in Sunday In The Park) in a whole new way before going to the Duke of York's theatre for Rock 'n' Roll. There were autograph hunters stood by the stage door waiting for the stars - Sinead Cusack, Brian Cos and Rufus Sewell - to go in. Sure enough, Mr Sewell sauntered by with about half an hour to go, signed a programme (not mine, but he looks lovely and is therefore forgiven), and hurried inside. A few of the photographers hung around though, and looked very interested every time a taxi drew up... I still wonder who they were waiting for, but when it got to about ten minutes before the start of the show, we thought we'd better forgo a bit of star-spotting for a bit of drama instead. There were lots of people we vaguely recognised, though, and one we very definitely recognised (spotted by Mum) - none other than Loudon Wainwright III. Not interested in going to see his son at the V festival then ;). The play, by the way, was as brilliant as everyone says it is - again there's more in the review below.

And that's about it. Then we all went home and had tea, and all that. Great weekend though. Fun, you might say.

P.S. Reviews are to come soon...!! :D


Poly_Gianniba said...

I saw Rock N' Roll at its Royal Court run and then saw Sunday in the Park with George last Friday. Both of them stirring and brilliant. If I were to see them the same weekend, I think I would have exploded with happiness.
(you don't know me, but I have been lurking around. You have a nice place here)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yeah, nice to see you out and about Poly! And loved your post Anna! Great times!

pdlowman said...

Very cool Wayfarer sunglasses, Ms Waits. Now you just gotta develop an addiction to cheap red wine & amphetamines in order to cultivate the sorta mind crushing hangovers and accompanying vampire-ish fear of daylight Dylan was using his shades to disguise.

Please don't develop an addiction to red wine & amphetamines.

Paul Fuzz said...

Insane 'pdlowman' based post by me.

AnnaWaits said...

Haha! Thanks for the positivity Lisa, and hello Poly, many thanks! I did do a bit of exploding. Grab a pew :)

Anonymous said...

I like you new shoes and am still mad at you for seeing the Divine Comedy. That is all.