Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Which came first?

Hopefully you're all aware of the wonderful author Jasper Fforde and his equally wonderful novels based on Special (literary) Agent Thursday Next. They're great fun, and massively clever, and a bookworm's dream. Anyway, Mr. Fforde was doing the rounds of book signings and talks a couple of years ago, and I went along. When I asked him to sign the book to 'Anna', he said 'Oooh palindromic! Do you come from a family of palindromes?', to which I had to answer no, but maybe I'll start a trend.

Skip to now, and the paperback release (I'm a fan, but still a student!) of The Big Over Easy. I get to Chapter 7 and what do I find? Otto Tibbit and his family of palindromes. Of course, the idea had probably been swimming around in his head for ages and hadn't managed to squeeze it into the Thursday Next books... but I like to pretend I inspired him :)


MediumRob said...

Did he have his stalkers with him? He always used to take a couple of guys wearing "Stalker" T-shirts with him to signings, explaining "If you were thinking of stalking me, the job's already taken, I'm afraid."

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I like that idea of the stalkers...!

AnnaWaits said...

No "Stalkers", but a couple of stalkers, I think.