Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive

This new show on BBC3 certainly is "Rob Brydon's" who seems to be making a living out of playing different versions of himself. But that's no bad thing - he happens to be rather good at it. For anyone who missed it, RB's Annually Retentive is a show in which we see parts of a fake, derivative tv game show called Annually Retentive, and the backstage processes (again, clearly, made up) which go into making it. Basically, it allows Rob Brydon to say very nasty things about celebrities he actually really likes and, apparently, a few he doesn't like at all, but whom he suspects will think he actually *does* like, because he's said such nasty things about them. Simple really. It was a lot of fun, and will, I think, get better as the various guests get to do more - last night it was all about Brydon despairing at the crass games nicked from other tv shows ("I'm like the game show Fagin") but now that's set up, more comedy will presumably have to come from interactions with the panelists.

What was interesting, was that the game show was played completely straight - ie, the guests, especially David "Peep Show" Mitchell, were allowed to be as funny as they genuinely would be, even on this terrible programme. Funny people are funny people. Also great, was the difference we see between the Rob Brydon in the boardroom, who has no problem saying exactly what he thinks of the format and potential guests, and the Rob Brydon in the make-up room with the pannellists. "Think more Qi, and less 8 Out Of Ten Cats" he says to Mitchell, not believing it for a second.

EDIT: By the way, there's a review over at the Off The Telly blog (scroll down just a tad), which also tells us that episodes 1 and as-yet-unaired-2 are available on the BBC3 website. So go have a look.

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Miss D said...

Aww - yey! Me and Fuzz boy watched this last night. Really quite funny hey? I liked the Jonathan Ross talking about dressing up as a subtle Nazi...