Sunday, June 25, 2006

Billie/Rose related stuff

So Rose metamorphosed before our very eyes, last night, into an 'old hand' companion; 'deducting' (I'd have preferred deducing, but whatever) and all sorts. And just before she.... *runs away sobbing*

Luckily, Rose will live on under a different name, and Ms. Piper has got LOADS on her plate. is JUST as thorough and borderline scary as its DT affiliate, and has photos of her as Sally Lockheart for the filming of The Ruby In The Smoke, and info about her role in ITV's 'Austen Season' which will also involve, apparently, old friend Christopher Ecclestone and Trinny and Susanna. But of course.

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Billy said...

"which will also involve ... Trinny and Susanna"

Ye Gods!