Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am AnnaWaits on the net, Anna Lowman in "real life". They're quite similar, but AW is probably a tad funnier. BUT I'm learning to live my life as if it were a sitcom. It's so much fun! You think you take all the opportunites you get to be funny, but you don't! Do so, and there's a lot more smiles in your day.
I want to make the people around me always feel comfortable and happy, if possible.
I wish I were a regular extra on the Boosh. I mean how cool would that be? You'd be constantly entertained, there'd be no pressure on you, you could go on the road, have your own little cult following. Brilliant.
I love genuine people, beautiful music, stunning theatre and kickass tv.
I fear rising water...
I hear Ben Folds on a regular basis...?!
I wonder why they stopped making Vice Versas.
I regret the fact that they stopped making Vice Versas.
I dance very infrequently now, used to be a daily occurrance.
I cry when I watch the episode of Friends where Pheobe gives birth to triplets. It's beautiful tv.
I confuse people who think I would surround myself with Indie Kids. But they're not all that.
I tag Paul, Dean and Mouldy.


Mouldy said...

Thanks for the tag. Mine is on my blog now.

Yours was wicked but I suggest dancing more often!

AnnaWaits said...

I quite agree :)

Dean said...

Working on it now I've finished my socio-political rant.
I'm slowly learning that the taking all the opportunities to be funny that present themselves is not only amusing, but really helps provide material for my stand-up set :)