Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Bob

Something pretty special happened last night, under a cinema in York.

This event was held, and my goodness it was good. Basically, York's got a hell of a lots of musical talent at the moment, and what's so great is that the element of competition has been replaced with a healthy, very often beery camaradery which makes nights like this so wonderful. The above mentioned Cardboard Radio and Bo$$Caine can often be seen jamming at each others gigs, and last night they again came together to say a big happy birthday to their shared leader, Mr. Bob Dylan. Along with them were David Ward Mclean - think Billy Connelly with a guitar - Chris Helme - he who fronted John Squire's band The Seahorses and now is the force behind The Yards - Hayley Hutchinson - who's making a massive name for herself on the folk scene - and Shonet - a girl with one of the most beautiful voices I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. As you can tell, girls played as big a part in this evening as guys which was a delight to see, and when three of them got together for a haunting version of 'I Shall Be Released', they provided a gorgeous highlight. Another 'I was there moment' came from Chord (bass player with Cardboard Radio) who, armed with his Casio keyboard (aka The Chordisound), had the house crying laughter at his bossanova Mighty Quinns and salsa Hard Rains. Providing the inter-band tunes was our very own Paul Fuzz (that's a link to his Myspace rather than blog, by the way, where great examples of his writing can be found) and the evening was rounding off withe Boss Caine and the Cardies going electric (Judas!) and very loud.

The night was, I think, an unqualified success, and the organisers - Andy and Paul Fuzz and Boss Caine - should be very proud.


Paul Fuzz said...

Nice to see some local 'Whats On' style blogging, Ms Waits. Yeah, a wig flipping ace night. You're spot on about the collaborative mentality of the 'YORK SCENE' at the moment - it's not just the sound of trad. arr. roots/folk/blues/rock 'n' roll that all these cats have nailed, but the spirit too. I'm as much of a sucker for the BAND AS GANG (Beatles, Ramones) philosophy as the next man, but it's ultimately much more fun to have an extended family of like minded artists who can watch play in an almost limitless number of combinations.

Bob Dylan has magical beatnik powers, and he wielded his arcane hoodoo over last night's shundig fer sure.

David Ward Maclean said...

Ms Waits
A tad flummoxed as to why "Billy Connelly with a guitar". For a start he often does have a guitar. What could it have been, then? The long hair? The sweary words? The Scottish brogue? Didn't I sing well enough on the night for some comment on my actual musical input? Or even badly enough? I'd prefer someone telling me they thought I was crap than this kind of glib caricature which passes for some shorthand description. I'm nothing like Billy Connelly. Please don't say these things.

AnnaWaits said...

Thanks for using the comment function for what it's there for, and apologies for causing offence. It was actually (and now I see, quite unbelievably) intended as a compliment, and hopefully you gleaned from the post overall that I really enjoyed your set, as well as the whole night.

David Ward Maclean said...

Thanks ever so for the response. Next time I'm doing a solo gig, I'll let you know, and if you like, I'll leave a comp at the door for you. I now feel like a totally obstreperous bastard, whci of course I am. All the best, DWM

AnnaWaits said...

Well that's very kind, and obviously I accept your offer :)