Friday, May 26, 2006


As I mentioned in a previous post, it's now compulsory that all students join Facebook. Well, it feels like it anyway. It's like Myspace, but sectioned off into universities, so there's no chance of finding anyone new, really, only people you already know... Basically it sucks.

BUT, there is one redeeming feature, and that is the Groups. A group is essentially like an online society, but because anyone can set one up, and being a member requires no effort other than to go 'ha, I like/hate that too', there's a a group for pretty much everything. And I've got to admit, many have raised a smile. Alas, you have to be registered to actually see any of them, but here's a guide to the sort of thing you get sucked into...

1) The TV/Film/Music Appreciation Groups
Pretty standard and does exactly what it says on the tin. You just discuss how amazing it is, and maybe you'll bump into a fellow fan on campus - say goodbye to awkward smalltalk!
eg. The Mighty Boosh Society - which has the cool idea of everyone getting a secondary name from the show; I'm Fickle Bobby :)
'We All Had An Obsession With The Goblin King Once' (Once?)

2) The Personalities Groups
Again pretty standard, but some are quite funny
eg. The 'Blackadder for God' Group
The 'I Hate Bono 'Society

3) The Local Groups
Because the site is split into unis, the groups can be very specific. These are some of the more interesting ones...
eg. The 'I Hate The New Bus' Society (in York we're trialling a bus with a machine that dispenses your ticket.. but no change. And you can't use a card. And the drivers are called Pilots. Idiots.)
The 'Goodricke D Block 2004/5' Group (where I lived last year)
Ziggy's sober is like torturing children - It's just not right (Ziggyis is a horrible club in York)

4) The Plain Weird Ones
eg. 'Why Everyone Should Love Pirates'

I don't know, but this gives me faith in students. Just as random as we've ever been.


mike/hmofo said...

Having never used Myspace I can't make the comparison, but I have a good time with "the 'book." At the very least, it's helped me stay in touch with old and/or distant friends, which is worth it in most cases. I'll see if I can look you up, seeing as how you qualify under "distant."

Mikey said...

It doesn't have my university on Facebook. Damn you BCUC and your littleness/uselessness!

Billy said...

Anyone with an obsession with the Goblin King is good in my book.

Marie said...

I've never even heard of facebook. Does that make me old, or only out of touch?

MIKEY said...

Neither. I think its basically just college/university students, and not even all of them that can use it.

AnnaWaits said...

Yes, as Mikey says, neither. You're well out of it, to be honest :)