Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another one to add to the list...

Andrew Collins (him of NME and Radio 1 etc) has a wonderful blog, so that's another five minutes off my day :) Here he's written brilliantly about the Boosh -
This - as I'm kind of guessing you all know - is a comedy half-hour like no other. In the chemistry between Howard and Vince (Barratt and Fielding), TV has stumbled upon something money cannot buy, but years on the circuit can. In their off-the-cuff badinage, redolent of a lot of "naturalistic" comedy of today, they manage to be offbeat and low-key and minor-chord without ever appearing self-indulgent or smug ..... It's drugs television that works if you're not on drugs. It's young-person's television that works if you're not young (although I do find myself arguing with myself about who's the best out of Julian and Noel). It's gone-wrong television that works if you've gone right. It's stupid television that works if you're clever (because of course it's not stupid at all). It is my favourite comedy programme. Imagine that!

Never a truer word(s) said, in my opinion.

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Billy said...

"young-person's television that works if you're not young"

That's hit the nail on the head. When I first watched it I assumed it was a children's programme as it has the same "feel" and yet it obviously isn't.