Monday, April 03, 2006

A few reasons why Dave from Invasion rocks

1) He's called Dave. Not fancy 'Russell' (two lots of double-consonants? I mean really) or frankly bizarre 'Larkin', but good ol' Dave.
2) He figured it all out first. Not just the comedy relief, Dave was onto the whole hybrid thing while everyone else was still trying to look for 'rational explanations'. The fools.
3) His hair. Height in hair is A Very Good Thing Indeed. I don't mean in a punk type way, but in a messy, I'm not bothered kinda of way. Remember when Ross had to give up seeing Rachel to save his marriage and it was hinted that he was drinking to numb the pain? Well his hair was great then. Just like Dave's.
4) He's a bit like Jack Black. Which needs no explanation.
5) He listens to Buddy Holly. Which needs no explanation.
6) He's brave. Yeah he likes his beer and makes jokes but when it comes down to it, give him an oar and he'll face anything.
7) His alter-ego Tyler Labine is a good actor. Not something you can level at most of his colleagues, Tyler showed a level of emotional depth last night (when he met Dave's semi-formed hybrid body, of course) that took me a little by surprise.
8) He's a blogger. Mais oui. His blog can be found here. Yes really. Well, kinda. :)


HolyhosesRob said...

He's a very realistic slacker, too. He lives with his sister, which is brilliant. 'Course, he might just be pretending to be Larkin's brother, like Richard Gere in that film.

AnnaWaits said...

Haha so true. I mean about the 'realistic slacker' things, I'm not so sure about the Gere theory :)

Billy said...

Dave is without a doubt the best character in Invasion, although I feel whoever the actor is playing the Sheriff should be a mention as well.

Yeah and Larkin? What kind of name is that? Maybe Dave originally had a more "hippy-ish" name and changed it.

Dean said...

Glad you fixed that low-res picture.
Is Invasion any good then? Got the all the episodes 'taped' but not started watching it yet - loved Shaun Cassidy's American Gothic (anyone else ever watch that?) so in theory I should enjoy it, but hearing mixed reports... supposedly so slow it makes Lost look like Linford Christie.

HolyhosesRob said...

Larkin does look a little bit like Brooke Adams, you know. If you squint.

I like the slow burning plot of Invasion, which is building up quite nicely now, with some unexpected moves. Surface is funnier, though. Except Frodo, the kid in it, needs to close his mouth occasionally.

And Supernatural can be surprisingly scary.

AnnaWaits said...

Sorry bout the original picture folks, it really was pretty awful.

And yeah, I'd agree with Rob that it's rolling along nicely now - a few more relevations per episode which is good to see. It's not brilliant, but its worth a watch I reckon.