Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Derren Brown

For a few years now, he's been quite happy just being clever and charming and scaring the bejeebus out of everyone. But this can't last. One day, he's going to use his powers for evil. He'll persuade Channel 4 with that hand-on-the-shoulder-thing to do what is obviously the next step - a programme in which he does his stuff on the audience at home. Suddenly we'll all be genuflecting at his feet, or paying him half our wages, or doing Elvis impressions for the rest of time for his own sick amusement. He needs to be stopped, before it's too late.

Honestly though, I've got to the point where I can barely watch his show for fear of him getting into my head in some subtle way that even the producers haven't noticed. I don't trust him...


MIKEY said...

After watching the one about the people robbing the bank, I've I blacked out.

When I came to, I was in a shop in Brussels stuffing as much stationary as was physically possible into every piece of clothing. From what I heard, even my socks.


That Derren Brown is up to no good.

What do you think about 'Magician' David Blaine's idea to live life as a mermaid. Which has been injured and has to have an IV. I wonder if they'll mind when I fly to NYC and roll his ball into the Hudson river. So long David Blaine!

Paul Fuzz said...

Yes. I am convinced this has already happened, Anna. Anyone who has ever watched even a second of a Darren Brown programme is now in a permanant sleep like state, the world around them as they experience it day to day is nothing but part of mass hallucination induced by Darren Brown. Nothing is real. We live in Brownworld, an illusionary dream-scape from which it is impossible to escape...I suspect this only now because it seems like the cracks in the illusion are starting to show... I've found myself spending hours modelling Darren Brown figurines out of mashed potatoe... I believe this is my subconcious self trying to reach my conscious self, to break through and wake me up from Darren's Dream...Keep Watching The Skies!!

Billy said...

One thing I like about our Derren is the way he states there's no magic involved.

Of course this still doesn't explain how he does all his stuff but I'm all for more of it.

As long as it's happening to people on tv I don't know and not me it's all good.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

As long as it's happening to people on tv I don't know and not me it's all good.

Hee. I have to say I really like what I have seen of his programmes, but I have only managed to watch 2 or 3 on the grounds that, well, he freaks the bejeezus out of me as well. I mean, watching the bank one everything seemed so unsubtle from the audience viewers perspective, but i am sure for the participants it wasn't.

I did like the one where he went round faking various psychic skills though, which really exposed some of the charlatans for what they are.

Hmm.. somehow I am reminded of that excellent Season 3 X-files episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose". When i actually have five minutes of a life to myself I must rewatch that again!

Matt_c said...

I have a mate who worked as camera assistant on some of the more recent Derren Brown TV shows. That claim to fame sounds like its going to provide some anecdotes with juicy bits of psychic gossip except I can't remember anything he told me about it.
I can only assume that living in Brownworld means I am programmed to forget any pieces of information that might give me a way to escape and bring down the whole sick plot.
I wonder if David Icke trusts Derren?

Rosby said...

...I don't trust him either. But seeing as he is very gorgeous I'm prepared to overlook it...

Dean said...

I've said most of this before, probably last time Anna bought the issue up but it bears repeating because most people just don't get it:

"One thing I like about our Derren is the way he states there's no magic involved."
See here in lies the key. What he says is absolutely true, there's no magic involved this is becasue: magic does not exist. You can't really wave your hands about, say hocus-pocus and make stuff happen. As kids, we didn't know this and seeing Paul Daniels doing stuff made us go 'wow' and think he had special powers and stuff.

As adults, we're much more cynical, to the point where we use the term 'magic' to refer to what are actually 'tricks', not even acknowleding the possibility of actual magic happening, as that would be silly.

Derren brings back the wow factor to magic, by not calling it that. We now think we understand enough about the world to deduce that magic = bullshit. But the human mind, well that's complicated and no-one really understands it. So Derren calls his tricks 'psychological illusions' instead of 'hocus pocus', by-passing our cynicism and letting us believe again.

And that makes him an absolutely brilliant performer and entertainer, but he doesn't have special powers - or at least no more than any other practitioner of NLP, cold-reading and other Mentalism methods (altough you can do some damn impressive stuff with that, and a lot of it really isn't that hard - and it's that stuff he used in Messiah to debunk the so-called psychics. But if you read a few of the texts on Mentalism you'll be able to spot at which point in all his shows Derren swtiches from techniques to tricks: the general pattern is semi-impressive mentalism technique, build confidence, possibly explain how it's done, then extremely impressive trick which he cheats).