Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Winter Olympics are too engrossing

I need to work dammit! Stop getting big air!


Paul Fuzz said...

We suck. "And here comes Burt Rowbottom, he's 38 and comes from Nuneaton, our biggest hope for the one man bob, 19th place during the qualifiers, which was pretty good considering it was only his second time in an actual bob sleigh...he actually won his place on the team after he entered a compitition in Zoo magazine...and he's off...well, he's gonna have to start much better than that if he hopes to break into that ellusive top 15...alot of talk amongst the British team of using this games as a chance to 'build the foundations for Winter Olympics in 2010'..."

I heard a quote from the head of the British Team saying we 'shouldn't expect ANY medals!' How fantastic is that?! "Look. Let's not mess around. We suck. Don't sit at home expecting any medals, 'cos it ain't gonna happen. A little girl, maybe 7 years old, she came up to me this morning asking 'Excuse me, is Britain going to win maybe just one medal this year?' One word: naive. Take a hike, sister! We ain't winning a damn thing, and you can quote me on that.'

So, I've decided I'm Canadian for the next two weeks. Join the mapleleaf revolution! Go Canuks!

HolyhosesRob said...

I keep waiting for one of the ski jumpers to slip off the bench thing as s/he's shuffling along to get into the middle. Does that ever happen?

I saw the Briton in the luge take 3/4 of an hour to slide down on his left buttock.

MIKEY... eh said...

I hope we win the curling.

I agree with mr. fuzz. Become canadian. At least they'll win the hockey.