Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sad, but probably inevitable..

The always-interesting Biteback column in The Sunday Times reports today that we should....

Expect cries of "shame" from the stalls with the probable closure of the Theatre Museum, which was opened nearly 20 years ago in Covent Garden. Owned by the V&A, the museum has, frankly, struggled. It may have a prime location, but it has an unprepossessing entrance. Inside the subterranean space, the exhibits and memorabilia from thespian life (such as the Michael Redgrave collection) are a little underwhelming.

Very true. For schools, I think it's ok - they do make-up and costume workshops which go down well, but for the ordinary visitor it's a little lacking. But it's closure will mean that there is no national museum for performing arts at all, and that's just sad. Hopefully this'll be recitified eventually.


Anonymous said...

Sad indeed any time a museum closes.

For being such "liberal" societies, (as I hear so often on the news,) we sure aren't valuing the arts. Pragmatists will never get the value of it I suppose.

Perhaps you can swing mellie to come over and start up a new one.

Rosby said...

Absolutely and utterly off the subject, but...there is going to be a sequel to Blackpool!!!

AnnaWaits said...

Let's face it, nothing that involved Mr Tennant is off-topic here! Thanks for the news :)

And Anon (Bluto...?!) - I'm sure it'd be a dream come true for both me and Mel if we could do that!