Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Paul Fuzz on The Go! Team

'It's just Bentley Rhythm Ace, innit'.



Paul Fuzz said...

I believe the phrase is 'showing my age.' The Go! Team are the most Brighton-y band ever. Old Skool hip hop! Electro! Big Beat! They sorta irritate me. I hope they Go! away soon.Regular Fries & Delakota were doing this indie-breaks shtick way better 5 years ago. Cheers for the 'shout out' Anna.

AnnaWaits said...

"I hope they Go! away soon" - you made me laugh in the library. People are staring.


Nick said...


Kay Richardson said...

Yeah. Well. I like them. And anyone who says they're 'brightony' is being brightist.

GO!Team make my legs move rhythmically. (dancing).

Reidski said...

The Go Team are hip, hop and happenin - and I should know, I'm 41!! Paul, anna and nick, you're wrong, while kay is absolutely right!