Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Name Is Earl

Lisa felt she had to mention again its warm, sweet nature, and you know what, so do I. It's not the best comedy ever written but my goodness I can't think of many things I'd rather watch on a Friday evening, and for the moment it's the one thing I actively look forward to watching. That's success in my book.


MIKEY said...

hmm... I loved this show. Still do. I saw the first two episodes, and was like 'can't wait for next week!' and through my sheer incompetance, missed the next three weeks. You probably wonder how that can actually be done. I have a problem telling the time sometimes. Like I make up when the program should be. Another time, four told me a time the program would be on, and showed it at another time. Oh how I swore.

Renna said...

It is one of my favorite ever shows, I still feel all nostalgic when watch it over and over again, especially with my friends, and I guess, I am not alone.