Saturday, February 18, 2006

James Blunt

Just to gather a few thoughts - Conscious and Verbal, via Lisa, admits that Blunt enduces feelings in him that he can't quite explain, Marie (in comments to the above) can't bare to hear a second, and Paul can't get over the fact that everyone says how nice he is as if 1) that's a surprise and 2) that gives him the right to make awful music. (Very funny 'nice' puns in the penultimate para by the way).

As for me? Well he's just awful isn't he. He has many crimes - his singing voice, his speaking voice, his melodies, his harmonies, his face, the way poor KT Tunstall keeps being referred to as the 'female James Blunt' etc... But nothing can be worse than the bad name he gives singer-songwriters. They're not all like that, I promise!


MIKEY said...


I do.

Deano said...

Ahh, but he alone justifies the existance of cockney rhyming slang.

Dan Flynn said...


Found your blog via Lisa Rullensberg. I posted the missive below last Julyish when that stupid song of James Blunt was released. My venom has diminished not one jot since then. Having created Dido Beelzibub was on a roll and so made James Blunt just to rub it in. Succeeded in spades, dontchathink?

"I am so offended...
by this James Blunt single called You Are Beautiful that I downloaded the lyrics just to make sure my queasy feeling was based in the world of fact. The plot goes like this, James Blunt (or another wanker) is on the subway when he sees a beautiful girl. Catching her eye fills him with longing and desire. Knowing they can never be one he laments. "But we shared a moment that will last till the end." This drivel then proceeds through one final verse and ends by pointing the finger of blame at an angel.

The first time I heard this on the radio I nearly crashed. A bloke sees a girl on a train, she sees him, he falls in love with her, he gets off (presumably at his stop though it's not made clear, in such a deranged state it might have been an earlier station) he's depressed, he blames God.

Interstingly we never hear the woman's view. More likely she catches his eye and thinks, 'Fucking hell, who's that perv looking at. Jeeze it's me. Better look away. Poor bugger, even surgery wouldn't put that right. Oh thank God he's getting off.'

Quod erat demonstrandum, methinks."

Becstar. said...

Got to move away for a moment from the James Blunt bashing (not that it isn't well deserved) to linger a while on the phrase 'poor KT Tunstall' in the original post. Come on Anna, don't pity the lady too much. She's the first woman to win a Brit award...ever. In fact, she's the first woman to win anything. Ever. "Disregard your limits" she tells us. I now have a passport to live. Thank the Lord for 'poor' KT Tunstall.

Oh and James Blunt sucks, yeah?

AnnaWaits said...

Wait, are you saying you *don't* like James Blunt, Dan - you're so ambiguous...! Heehee.

And Becstar, you've been sucked in, I see! Haha yeah I know, KT's acceptance speech was incredible... I do quite like Big Horse and the Cherry Tree though... :D

Becstar. said...

Indeed, blogging was sent by the devil to stop me writing year 9 reports.

I feel some recompense that KT is in the worst dressed list in Heat. I read it over someone's shoulder. I don't actually buy Heat...