Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Anna Waits the webmaster

Check it. I think it's pretty okay seeing though it's been made for free... as in the space and pagebuilder is free, I didn't expect to be paid. :)

Oh and I know there's a glaring omission in that it doesn't actually say when/where the production is on, but it will!


David Duff said...

Very good - except for your deliberate mistake!

However, I found the blue on black lettering very difficult to decipher.

Good luck with the show.

Dean said...

Nice one.

HolyhosesRob said...

I like the fact the the site features an ad for "Pro Glamour Photographer - London."

AnnaWaits said...

Well I told you it was free!! :)
Blue hard to read - noted. Thanks all!