Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is there an echo in here?

Friday, December 30, 2005

Well, if they (the London Underground strikers) were so bloody worried about my safety, would they really stage their strike on New Year's Eve, forcing me - a single woman who will be going home alone (with my luck anyway) - to brave streets full of drunk drivers and unlicensed minicabs? Safety my yoga-toned arse.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lionel Shriver (Guardian):
As for London, the RMT claims that its real concern was for "public safety". Oh, really? That's why they struck on the one night of the year most likely to tempt legions of the inebriated to drive and to send fleets of faux mini-cab drivers to lure women in a compromised condition into their cars. So much for public safety.



Lisa Rullsenberg said...

That IS spooky!

I wondered why LS's remark rang a bell when I read it...

AnnaWaits said...

It's SO similiar that I honestly wouldn't rule out LS having read Marie's post....

Mikey said...

Argh tube strikes!

Apparently there is gonna one on monday (the 9th). I have a concert then. No tube drivers (or lack of) is gonna stop me from getting there. Even if I have to walk half way across london, I WILL SEE OKGO.

When you see newsflashes about tube stations on fire, you know I'm in london.

Marie said...

Did I mention my forthcoming novel, "Let's have a chat about Nigel"? Just coincidence, Lionel.