Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Arctic Monkeys in 10/10 NME Review Shocker!


I'd write something a little more interesting if I weren't so depressed right now.


Paul Fuzz said...

10/10. The latest example of the paper's dangerous tendency to identify too closely with and invest too much in those groups they consider to be 'NME' bands. The NME has achieved ULTIMATE POWER in it's field, lacking any compitition, answerable to no-one. It's probably usefull to remember that the last album to recieve the 10/10 accolade was The Stroke's 'Is This It.' Arctic Monkey's debut could not possibly have been awarded less than 10/10, because a)anything less would have been an admission that the NME's hysterical support of the band was at least slightly misjudged and b)if and when the album does come to be regarded as a bone fide untouchable classic (which it won't), the NME need to be able to say 'told ya.' A sorry state of affairs, all told.

AnnaWaits said...

Quite right, Mr. Fuzz, quite right.

MIKESTER said...

eugh, I was going to start this off with 'I bet YOU look good on the dancefloor', but then I realised how much of a dick it'd make me sound.

That being said, that is the only song of theirs I have heard. I think. I'm more of a ben folds man myself, and various others. I must admit, thats the funniest post of yours I've ever read anna.