Sunday, November 20, 2005

A ramshackle collection of blogging related comments

1)I'm not the most efficient blogger, I realise. I post in fits and starts. Most things I talk about are unashamedly pilfered from Lisa. They're generally a good few days old. And the topics are of little interest to few people other than myself.

So when I say that Ms Rullsenberg is my blogging mentor, I don't want her to take offence... but she may have to do some apologising for the fact that she's the main reason I'm still posting. What I'm getting round to saying, is how happy I was that got a mention in the Guardian yesterday. Probably more happy than Lisa herself, but if I don't have my enthusiasm what do I have :)

2)The Guardian's obsession with blogging reached a high point this week (that was a very Have I Got News For You opening wasn't it?!) with its 'The New Commentariat' feature. Having read Normblog a number of times, it was interesting to find out a bit more about Norm (or as I, as a Cheers fan, like to call him, NORM!!) himself. It also tempted me back to the site itself, and I have got to say, I was instantly rewarded with a defence of the semi-colon and a Tom Lehrer mention. Fantastic! I was surprised to see, however that comments aren't allowed. Interested to know whether this is common practice, I looked at all the other blogs mentioned in the feature and found that it's the same over at Oliver Kamm's place. Maybe this is because they get so many visitors, though so do, say, Zach Braff and Morgan Spurlock. But, little as I know about the wider blogging world, the comment part of the blog is, to me, the most important, indeed, it is its very point. It's the 'put your money where your mouth is' part, the part which says 'I may be wrong'. Perhaps I'm getting too wound up about this, and someone will perhaps tell me that there's a really simple explanation. But then, that's what the comment function's there for.

That was a bit serious for me now wasn't it?! I need a lie down... :)


Robert Swipe said...


I think if old Normski allowed comments, they would mostly be of the unprintable variety (, don't tempt me - I'm trying to be good and not get closed down under the Incitement to New Labor Hatred laws....)

We're talking about a man who is happy to quote himself saying "and I don't care how many people die in Iraq..." before making an inane quip about his stuck up daughter's wanky marmite re-cycling schemes (see his comments in yesterday's Grauniad) If he's riled me - a mere fictional creation of a dark, devious (and possibly criminal mind etc.) then imagine how many other people would be queuing up to pour vitriol over his demented, woman-hating thought spews...

I'm sorry, I'd better go and have a lie down and dream of Melanie Sykes having a fencing lesson....

Love and peace on ya,


Robert Swipe said...

Sorry Anna,

I was thinking of a different Norm.

I'm going away to kill myself right now.


AnnaWaits said...

Please don't do that, I really don't want it on my conscience... I'm sure your Norm is a huge fan of yours too, by the way!
Many thanks for using the comment function to full effect.

AnnaWaits said...

For readers' (notice I put the apostrophe at the end there - I'm being optimistic!) info:

I think Robert is referring to this article -,,1646113,00.html and therefore Norman Johnson.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Norm of Normblog is a pro-Iraq war commentator but there's no mention of marmite I've seen. And Normblog will take the odd email sent to him, it's just that I suspect that comments may just block up the site too much.

Oh yeah, and [blush] thanks for the mentor thing... shucks...

You do know that you're a darn fine blogger (we just wish you were able to do some more often!)

Deano said...

I think comments are very much the life-blood of blogs. Without we're writing in a vacuum, it's the very definition of vanity publishing. Comments present the reader with the option to call you on it if they think you're talking rubbish, or better still ask you to elucidate on stuff they don't get.

Occasionally there might be the odd offensive comment but the people that get so riled by a blog entry that they feel the need to do this would probably e-mail you the same thing if they can't comment on the actual entry. I prefer to let them comment and leave them as a ever-present reminder of thier stupidity.

Sam said...

If I see a blog with 70 million comments after each post it puts me off.

On the other hand, for someone like me with such severe narcissism, comments are great.