Monday, November 14, 2005

Grandoliquent Dictionary

This may not be required for everyday conversation, but it does rock rather.

abacinate -
To blind by putting a hot copper basin near someone's eyes
dolichocephalic -
Having a head that is longer than it is wide
doytin -
To walk about stupidly
undecillion -
A large number - a one followed by either 36 or 66 zeroes [EITHER?!!]
uxorodespotic -
Tyrranical rulership by one's wife

and so on :)


noaheffingway said...

How 'bout...

Arachnoacrophobic - Fear of tall spiders :)

David Duff said...

Doctor, I've 'ad a touch of that uxorodespotic for the last 40 years; can you give me something something, the Laphroaig soesn't seem to work no more?

AnnaWaits said...

I love how there's 'uxorious'- excessive fondness for one's wife.... excessive??!!

David Duff said...

Off subject, if I may, I have just posted on the subject of Angelo's solilioquy from "Measure for Measure" over at my place. Given you theatrical leanings, you might find it interesting, or even better, criticisable.

David Duff said...

Sorry for typos, fingers and 'fumbs', I'm afraid!

Mellie Bean said...

I am exhilarated by the exuberance of my verbosity! ;-)

So many spiffy words in the english language and yet we use so few of them.

Great site, luv!

Deano said...

Great site! Glad to see defenestrate in there; the best way of threatening people is with words they can't even comprehend.