Monday, September 19, 2005

Super Supergrass video...

If you've ever got a few minutes spare, try and hang around the Amp channel (channel 469 on Sky) for a while, and hopefully you'll bump into the new Supergrass video for their single 'Low C'. It really is an astonishing piece of work.

We're used to music videos and adverts getting all the innovative direction, but that's not what's amazing about this video - it's the fact that it's a mini-documentary about a truly interesting subject, namely Weeki Wachee; 'City of Mermaids' in Florida. Essentially, this is one of those random tourist attractions, but it's a particularly enchanting one. For decades, young women have donned tails and, well, swum about while people watch. It's much more beautiful than I'm making it out to be.... And it's tough too; this is from the above link -

Half the trainees who make it through the formal interview and water auditions never achieve the rank of full mermaid; the year of on-the-job training and the final exam -- holding your breath for two and a half minutes while changing out of costume in the mouth of the 72 degree spring -- finishes many mermaid wannabes.

The director, Garth Jennings has unearthed a real gem, and got some ex-Mermaids, now well into their forties and fifties back into the water. Even though we've only known about these women for under three minutes, it's an emotional moment!

If you get the chance to sit down and watch it, make sure you do.


David Duff said...

I haven't the remotest idea who or what 'Supergrass' is, let alone 'Weeki Watchee', so you will be relieved to know that I have nothing to say on the subject. (La Rullsenberg would tell you that my ignorance on any subject is no bar to me sounding off, but that's only because she is playing hard to get despite my friendly advances!) Anyway, as some-one who proclaims that "Theatre is life", I thought you might be interested in my review of Twelfth Night at Stratford over on my site. More to the point, in might save you a bit of dosh, were you minded to go. See, I'm a really caring person when it comes to the young.

AnnaWaits said...

Haha you're all heart. I'll check it out, thank you.

Mellie Bean said...

When we moved into the house my folks still live in (waay back in 1985) there was a Mermaids of Weeki Wachee bumper sticker stuck up on one of the beams in the garage. It was very flourescent and kitschy - I've been intrigued by the place (mainly for kitsch value) for a while. May have to check ye video out.