Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dylan overload. But he's worth it.

Lisa's blogged this, and brings together a few other great other blogs on the subject, but one more won't hurt... No Direction Home really was an absorbing three and a half hours, and let's face it, that in itself is an achievement. Then there's the fact that Dylan didn't just tell bare-faced lies (as far as we could tell!) during the interview. We can never get to fully understand him, any more than we can fully understand anyone, but this got pretty damn close. And it showed the idiocy of some interviewers which is always good. How Dylan kept up his witty replies for so long is beyond me, but the drink, the drugs, the booing and the terrible questions were obviously taking their toll by the end. Luckily he still had enough fight in him to make that wonderful final remark - 'I don't believe you....'

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Lisa Rullsenberg said...

It's the truth Bob, but not as we know it. I love that he can be utterly sincere and yet so ambiguous!

Truly, one of the best ever documentaries I have seen - albeit preaching to the converted and informed. Makes us want to play his oeuvre from start to current!